Spotify doesn't like Apple One

15 September 2020
The just-unveiled service bundle has triggered a new round of animosity between the two.

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Mm..Bad Apple.that's why I don't like it.I still use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter to play Spotify music on Apple Watch without iPhone now.

Apple strikes again, Apple done joking around, to be honest I am not surprised at all, Apple had most of the market share in a mobile world and once it reached saturation with sales it turned to service and now they dominatinh that part, so to solidify their dominance they offered this plan. Well Spotify will need to adapt to this situation, nothing you can do

  • Anonymous

apple music sucks
apple tv seems aight and is honestly better than netflix
apple arcade sucks, the lack of games and most of them are made really crappy and i hate it. also Xcloud collaboration was missed opportunity

its aight but i prefer going with disney+ and spotify with any gaming service like geforce now or Xcloud.

  • Frost-X-Mritz

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020I don't understand why people need streaming at all. J... moreThat's because us artists gotta earn too. The music is our art and we don't make it to be freely-distributed; how are we supposed to earn our livelihood otherwise?


Apple will never get a penny dime or cent from me. Cash HOG.

A random user, 17 Sep 2020Yeah, but i updated my old samsung tab note 10.1 from i thi... moreI'm talking official support, not hacking device via USB cable and some developer tools... No casual user does this. I also have Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 10 on it. The hell I had to go through to make it work can't be easily explained. Done similar with Xiaomi Mi5 and while process is easier, it's something no casual user would ever go with because it's just too complicated.

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020I don't understand why people need streaming at all. J... moreI'm the type of person who likes discovering new songs. And I don't have the time to start searching, downloading and backing up songs

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Nobber jealous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020Most people prefer android because iPhone is too expensive ... moreMost people don't want to spend above 300 dollars on a smartphone coz a 300 dollar smartphone gets the job done for them. 
Just like Most people don't need to buy the most expensive car to travel from one place to another. An average car gets the job done. All those 200-300 dollar phones offer things that you can't get on 1500 dollar iPhones.

Android is the OS of choice on smartphones and much superior to iOS as represented by the 80% marketshare.
All I can offer you is a box of tissues so that you can wipe your tears after the brutal beating that Apple took in the smartphone and PC war, both of which Apple lost.

  • A random user

RejZoR, 16 Sep 2020Except I'm not. All I always criticize is how crappy u... moreYeah, but i updated my old samsung tab note 10.1 from i think 2011 and its on android 9. I might upgrade it to android 10 though. Still runs pretty good except for gaming ofc

Also i just wished apple allowed downloading APK's since there's a lot of apps that i can't download on ios without jailbreaking (like emulators) also the fact that cloud gaming is blocked on ios just seems reaply infuriating as an ipad 7 user. I just seem to like my android more bc of all that. Yes ios is secure and yes ios is snappier and gets more updates than android but noone of my friends had their iphones last more than 3 years (the max i saw was like 4 and thats bc that one friend is bad at savings and stuff until he bought an S9+). Honestly phones lasts 2-4 years before they start to break (depends models), so i guess i would want to buy another android since my samsung note 2 lasted from 2012 to 2017 which is pretty impressive considering the only thing broke was the battery and THATS it.

I think Spotify is better than Apple Music.

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why people need streaming at all. Just use VPN and download many songs for free.

Petty and pathetic

  • Carol

RejZoR, 16 Sep 2020Except I'm not. All I always criticize is how crappy u... moreSorry for interrupting. If you used them both, you most probably just used social media and installed apps, or whatever, but you did not use Android at it's full potential, probably just at ios potential. Not that Ios could not be, just that it isn't. If you get inside the systems and their capabilities, iOS is a farcry jailed OS. Android is not a great system, neither ios, but android is (well at least it was, before 10 came allong) way more user needs driven. It actually let's the user decide where's ios it forces the user to do what was already decided. Anyway the most funny part is not that, it is the fact that ios users can't even change that f ringtone, not that is not possible, just that most probably they do not poses the skils to do it.... yeah, that was me bashing.

MeZoP, 16 Sep 2020Everytime I see you you just bash on android. You always tr... moreExcept I'm not. All I always criticize is how crappy updating support is. Too short and takes too long to get the damn updates. If you get them at all. And put Android fanboys who shriek constantly with nonsense how you can't do anything on iOS and how you can do everything on Android and after I've been using both, they are essentially the same s**t. It's just that iOS has better long term support and updating speed coz it's all managed by one vendor, Apple. And that's it. It's not hating or bashing, I'm just criticizing things that are really crap. And only Android fanboys would go on and deny this. But we all know it's true.

RejZoR, 16 Sep 2020Wtf is this garbage? It has NOTHING to do with any of it. N... moreEverytime I see you you just bash on android. You always trash it all the time for some reason. Idk why but do you hate android??

Lmao true. Tidal is far superior in terms of quality compared to spotify and apple music.

[deleted post]Wtf is this garbage? It has NOTHING to do with any of it. Not even Samsung does everything themselves and they probably do the most of all vendors. It's irrelevant information anyway. Their phone means custom manufactured/assembled for them specifically. Which iPhones absolutely are.

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neilfordz, 16 Sep 2020Don’t worry, Spotify. I’m an iPhone user, but I never liked... moreThat because you still new.. You expect the ai understand your need in just what 2 months.. At least a year..

  • Gru

All I can see here....bunch of mediocrities... Using Tidal like a boss ! Quality over rotten apple and Spotify all together!!! Again! Double-check your sources before hate-replying!!!