Sony Xperia 5 II launches with 6.1" 120Hz OLED display

17 September 2020
Including the same Snapdragon 865 chipset and 4,000 mAh battery. Just about everything features improvements and extra polish, though.

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  • Iam.Batman

They made excellent devices which no one buys. I donโ€™t know the reason. Seems the phone is bit overpriced. They can shine if properly priced.

  • Kasmov fashion

How can one get it in Cameroon?

  • Smallworld

I'm so mad because the specs and design are perfect for me but I don't like 21:9 displays :/

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 17 Sep 2020Honestly Xperia isn't exactly showing commendable perf... moreOf course, much bigger sensors.

People still get surprised when phones using 75mm2 sensor beat other that use sensors of 24 or 34mm2 .... They are doing just their obligation.

It is like asking Sony RX100 to outperform A6600.

  • Anonymous

G., 17 Sep 2020That screen is just too narrow and pointlessly tall. Featu... moreScreen is tall? It has about 14,6cm.
Some phones with near 17cm, the screen is 16,2cm tall.

  • Anonymous

Alluuu, 17 Sep 2020Because current highest spec sd865 chooser can not process ... moreReadout speed is sensor thing, not processor.

  • Alluuu

Android.Master, 17 Sep 2020I am actually shocked to see no Sony Guys complaining about... moreDon't care, because not gonna use it in anything more than 60Hz (or max 90) - so why would the option being there bother anyone?

  • Abby

Wow. Amazing

  • Anonymous

Nice phone

  • Crazy

I want this phone so bad plz sony bring it in India

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020A Sony new release article does not disappoint as usual. Th... morePrepare some pocorn bro.. the fun will continue

Haters everyone

Tann Hauser, 17 Sep 2020Why wouldnt they? Only 1 II officialy offers integrated Pr... moreSimple answer. Professionals content creator already has the best gear & setup for their works. They dont need any smartphone to do the work, its still had the hardware limitation. (Like i said, those reviewer use Xperia for that specific video only, after that, back to their regular setup).

Unless some amateur guy or a beginner that only has the phone without any actual camera....maybe will do it. But by no means, i wouldnt call that professional.

  • Alluuu

ItsNick, 17 Sep 2020Why doesn't Sony use their popular 48, 64 mp sensors t... moreBecause current highest spec sd865 chooser can not process images larger than 13mp quick enough for it to be useful and up to Sony's standards.

  • Anonymous

A Sony new release article does not disappoint as usual. Thanks for the entertainment.

  • G.

Tann Hauser, 17 Sep 2020What etc.? Not ideal for ebook reading yes. Its ideal fo... moreThat screen is just too narrow and pointlessly tall.
Features are good, price is high.
Not my phone.
Had Z1compact and Z3compact before, but my Huawei P20 was way better than those in every aspect.

  • ThT

jamalu96, 17 Sep 2020the iPhones too have a tiny bezel at top a.k.a notch and th... moreYou read the part about front facing stereo speakers bud?

Wow, finally a fully featured phone that's not so huge! With a big battery and 3.5mm audio jack! Just wish it was a bit cheaper ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜…

  • pt020

My next phone

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020It is .. check samples from review. Cars, plants and ppl ... moreHonestly Xperia isn't exactly showing commendable performance in this regard. OnePlus 8 Pro's samples do look slightly more sharpened than those from Xperia 1 II in general, but it's overall performance is commendable and fairly consistent across various lighting conditions. And Mi 10 Ultra and P40 Pro seem to be doing a lot better when it comes to natural texture rendition, with a lot more subtle edge enhancement and smarter noise reduction, especially when lights are abundant.