Huawei reportedly has only 8.8 million Kirin 9000 chipsets for the Mate 40 smartphones

17 September 2020
The 5nm wafer can yield about 400 dies, and TSMC has about 22k wafers.

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The trade war actually started under Obama back in 2015 / 2016 when it became clear China is out innovating the US. Even back in 2013 Chinese supercomputer was taking over the #1 spot so Obama banned China from buying Intel Xeon processors. China started designing its own processors after that.

  • Jo.

Modes Mind, 17 Sep 2020Read this article and weep, I know I wept about IP theft an... moreMore propaganda from united states against some Chinese company. Give a better source.

  • Modes Mind

J. , 17 Sep 20205G leader far ahead is not big tech but a thief... Hahaha n... moreRead this article and weep, I know I wept about IP theft and rise of Huawei based on this IP theft:

https://www.bloo mberg. com/news/features/2020-07-01/did-china-steal-canada-s-edge-in-5g-from-nortel

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Huawei is down, next is Xiaomi and BBK.

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020US cannot block ARM. But it can cut off all Huawei chips p... moreHuawei not being able to produce chips is not that big a problem but not being able to buy other companies chips will kill their smartphone business and other consumer products. It'll probably boost the US tech industry in the short term but like you said China will accelerate their investment in the semiconductor industry and will probably develop faster as a result.

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020Lots of apps rely on google services. Also the play store i... moreDepends on where you live really. Google is not that essential in some Asian countries

Dometalican, 17 Sep 2020Since you don't want to get political, then yea, sadly.Very sad it's sadly

  • Dometalican

Andreidinutu, 17 Sep 2020Sadly? I don't wanna get political or anything, but sadly?Since you don't want to get political, then yea, sadly.

Hopefully they find another source soon, best performance cameras are mostly from huawei... not to mention camera performance on foldables.

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US cannot block ARM. But it can cut off all Huawei chips production. And that's what happened. Even SMIC that is based in China can not sell to Huawei. So how on earth is Huawei going to make its chip? The new US administration might change that, but who knows. Nobody wins. Huawei business will be severely affected, China is forced to invest heavily in semiconductor production but that will take many years to catch up (if at all possible). Nobody wins at the end. US is damaging its tech industry and cost for everything will go up.

So sad, they have to many and will have to throw away so many of them. This is s10+ but 1,5 years old design. Not for me. I still think the p40lite 5g is the best option but lack the amoled.

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Harry Potter, 17 Sep 2020Actually, nobody in their right mind want to use google. S... moreLots of apps rely on google services. Also the play store is the safest app store for android with the largest app collection. So no google services=no buy.

Johnrb, 17 Sep 2020I wouldn't touch a Huawei phone with a barge poll. No ... moreYeah, not worth the hassle of sideloading for most people. No GMS wouldn't bother me personally but I can see how it would bother many people

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Jo. , 17 Sep 2020Ipad air 2020 fool :) Then it's 40% increase in speed and not 17% like you said, try to compare same devices fool ;)

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Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020"Huawei is going to release its next flagship chipset,... more990 is 7nm not 5nm but, yes, it has an integrated 5G modem.

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"Huawei is going to release its next flagship chipset, dubbed Kirin 9000, on the 5 nm process technology, and is said to be hte first platform with a built-in 5G modem."

What? Kirin 990 has a built-in 5G modem already

  • Jo.

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020What, we don't even know what iPhone 12 series has, it... moreIpad air 2020 fool :)

  • Anonymous

James, 17 Sep 2020I dont live in China and I dont care about Google services.... moreI guess you are using a feature phone then.

I think it all depends on us consumers.

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Afra, 17 Sep 2020I am much satisfied with my Mate 20 pro performance. I woul... moreI too have the idea of buying mate 20 pro for 45k in Jan 2021....i am completely satisfied with its specs...Will that be a good move