Your Phone now lets everyone (with a Samsung phone) run Android apps on their PC

17 September 2020
Previously, this was being tested by folks in the Windows Insider program, this update will enable it for everyone.

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I can't use it at work, where I have domain login. To use it you must login to Microsoft Account on Windows side. There is no option to se it on different windows account than Microsoft Account. Or maybe they changed it?

  • CopyCAT

Ehm... look a like Huawei Screen Collaboration? Who copy cat who?

Great thing for samsung phones and microsoft tablets, not so much for samsung tablets though, even more if you want a jack... for those that want surface but also android tablet its like 50%-100% discount on surface(android tablets 200-1000 euros) if you want new stuff.
Though you may save more if the support comes to all devices, not for now however.

Berserker89, 18 Sep 2020Peopole complain its a gimmick, not usable, doesn't ad... moreThose people calling it a 'gimmick' are lacking in imagination.
For example, I pair my Pixel phone with my Chromebook which allows me to read/send txt messages anywhere within my house from the Chromebook. Plus, typing from the computer is much faster & you don't to unlock your phone etc ...

  • Anonymous

well done samsung.. good jobs..
more haters mean more acknowledged!

Demongornot, 18 Sep 2020He doesn't understand that, the issue with the Exynos ... moreI hope your tears fill the bucket one day, so that you can, at the very least, bathe with it. Would be a shame if they go to waste. Really.

  • Jstui

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020You can use Your Phone with any android, but using apps on ... moreI agree.
I have a pixel 3 which seems like quite a good phone to me, but because it's not a Samsung, it can't have the cool features.
Why is this limited to Samsung?
We have google phones, the people that make Android, but it can't work there. Makes me think that maybe Microsoft has shares in Samsung and is trying to promote their phones above others.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020It's because it's a Samsung exclusive feature and... moreI am using the S10 with Exynos since december and you can't really notice anything different. Maybe except battery life but I haven't had any problems with the either. But yeah, I hate it we don't get the Snapdragon versions, they are superior specs-wise but you don't really notice it.

Peopole complain its a gimmick, not usable, doesn't ad nothing to the user experience....
Fellas it's a feature free of charge, FREE, somebody is spending time and money to give one more FREE feature and you are not satisfied with that? Maybe they should charge a fee for every new feature .
What a spoiled community, maybe you kids need to go back 15 years and look how was Technologie developing than. Maybe than you can start to appreciate the choices you have today.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020Messages and calls is natively supported on Windows isn... more*can't

  • Anonymous

theStick, 18 Sep 2020It's funny how most of the comments aren't relate... moreIt's because it's a Samsung exclusive feature and we Europeans get Exynos, which is not worth buying.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020You can use Your Phone with any android, but using apps on ... moreMessages and calls is natively supported on Windows isn't it? I can even connect to the app for drag and drop.

great features but pathetic and stupid that this is just for Samsung phones...

theStick, 18 Sep 2020It's funny how most of the comments aren't relate... moreSome fellas like to spread their propaganda on every non related topic.
Whan can we do. Peoples 😄

They can keep their crappy Exynos ...

  • theStick

It's funny how most of the comments aren't related to the article but to Samsung's CPU. I think it's a great idea to run Android apps on Windows in an easy way, especially some games, and sync everything between the devices, i'm sure soon enough its compatibility and features will expand. One more thing: "peoples" is not a word, people!

  • Boggy-Stefy

It could prove useful for some apps. For example, Instagram doesn't work in Windows. Or at least you can't upload any photos, just view the ones you already have.
I do not know of any other apps, that work better on phones/tablets and do not work the same on PC's/laptops directly from browser.

  • highlow

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020I would like to use it but I'm not buying a crappy Exy... morecrappie Exynos...instead of enjoying a good look at a processor

Olym1mk2, 18 Sep 2020It's because the exact same phone exists with more pow... moreIt's true, very true. But on the other hand, exynos flagship chips can very well outdo a the best midrange soc, and quite by a margin. But sure, I can't disagree that exynos is heavyly underpowered

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020It's not a person, it's not a living being, stop ... moreI never said it is a "living being"... I said it feels like one.
And I never liked the 9611
I wish you, "nfy", to stop bothering me unless you wanna prove me wrong