Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max's AnTuTu result shows minor performance gains

17 September 2020
The results are somehow disappointing.

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  • Ariana Grande

SizN80, 18 Sep 2020A12Z +700K so yep, Apple chips still far ahead, but AnTuTu ... moreNo one cares about a12Z, because nobody uses it in the first place in a phone. Your chips get overpowered by a dimensity 1000+ in the first place, don't compare it to an 865+.

NeverSm1le, 18 Sep 2020Looks like many people here forgot the A14 only have 2 perf... moreNo one force apple to put a reguler a12, a13 or a14 iPhone.

Looks like many people here forgot the A14 only have 2 performance cores compares to 4 on 865+. If you want a fairer comparison, compares 865 to A12X or A12Z chipset and of course 865+ will lose.

+8% performance increase.
+20% price increase.


QXR, 17 Sep 2020SD 865+ : 600K (with higher process power) A14 : 570K A... moreA12Z +700K so yep, Apple chips still far ahead, but AnTuTu is not comparable

  • MrMing

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020Still far behind 'Mi 10 Ultra's 640000 Antutu has been shunned by many Android users in my country. Antutu is fake. Those critics are using some Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, etc. phones and heck, they're smart enough to realize that Antutu is just paper numbers.

The leaderboards for iOS and Android are also separate, even Antutu has put a disclaimer not to compare cross-platform in their app as the execution of benchmarks are different.

Plus iPhone 12 Pro Max hasn't even been released yet and Apple does not just hand over devices to anyone.

These are smart people saying Antutu is fake. They are Android users.

  • MrMing

Q, 18 Sep 2020'iPhones are some of the most repairable smartphones&#... moreIndeed Apple iPhones are some of the most repairable phones.

Check the iFixIt website, which has been running for more than a decade and provides detailed teardowns/repairability guides of popular flagships.

It's not a difficulty to repair an iPhone at a approved service center. I see no wrong there.

Det, 18 Sep 2020Note 20 Ultra actually opens apps faster than the iPhone 11... moreI used Mate 20 Pro which actually faster tall world experience than my two iphones XS Max & 11Pro Max. But I love my XS Max. Brilliant display and great camera. Got it for half the price new 9 months back 512 GB.

  • Anonymous

Still far behind 'Mi 10 Ultra's 640000

  • TimeFreeze

If I can work happily on my 3 year old laptop, why buy a phone that can beat it's speed. Clearly phone buyers don't buy phones just because it's 16% faster. Then again there is so little real innovation in phone space now a days

iOS Never Again, 17 Sep 2020Android is optimized for tablets. Stop repeating talking p... moreFor content consumption Ted itt may look optimised. But for special tasks such as using prop features, SPen to edit complex workflow, creating documents with lots of heavy multi media stuff etc...require some amount of customisation and a great GPU performance for rendering. Android started very well with tablets immediately after iPad came. But if you look at the evolution, it stopped right about 2014-16 and after that they use only outdated SoCs or mid rangers, no RAM upgrades. They all tried to milk the market with their shiny screen alone. Also in the education domain everyone started with sandboxed tablets stripping most of the functionalities hence the market itself restricted to students communities in general and hence top notch performance at premium is unnecessary! That’s the reason iPad came with cheaper options

  • Anonymous

Apple a13 was overpowered for a phone anyway. Everyone is going for higher performance out of the same battery. It would be a welcome change if apple go for efficiency and brought a significant change and later androids would follow.

  • Q

MrMing, 17 Sep 2020That throttle gate only exists once your battery health dro... more'iPhones are some of the most repairable smartphones'

try saying that after breaking your iphone & see that you can fix it by urself.
Even using OEM spareparts from China doesn't mean that it won't trigger the 'trap' Apple has laid for repairmen.
Unless you are using 'Authorized' parts which is as expensive as buying 2nd-hand iphone 6s, the 'repaired' phone won't boot up as the 'trap' kicked in.

This is the ACTUAL Apple's greatest 'invention' in 10 years; laid a trap in ALL new device as the response to 'right to repair' movements

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020Why do websites even post these scores? They are irrelevant... moreI'm holding both right now and i can clearly tell the difference.

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020Why do websites even post these scores? They are irrelevant... moreYou can tell difference, even between different flagships.

  • Anon

"There are three explanations that come to mind"
There's also a 4th explanation and that is, Apple didn't do any serious thinking for the processor coz they know fanboys will buy iPhones anyway. They only did a serious discussion on one topic - how to increase the price of the phone. And now fanboys can't even claim that iphones have the best CPU so they will say things like"oh CPU speed doesn't matter, iPhone is still best" yeah, right. Now CPU speed and benchmark scores doesn't matter, but it really mattered a lot when iPhone was topping charts. Hypocrisy should have a limit. A 5mm flagship processor has lower benchmark than a 7mm processor, big fail Apple. But then again, apple has been a fail for the majority of its lifetime anyway.

Lukhanyo, 17 Sep 2020Still the best, no android can measure up.. In what regard?

  • MrMing

Det, 18 Sep 2020Note 20 Ultra actually opens apps faster than the iPhone 11... moreThat's totally wrong as I have tested myself as well. Not to mention Samsung browser is laggier than fast Safari browser.

Newtmas, 18 Sep 2020Another article about Apple but fills with Android fanboys ... moreUhhh okay?

I'm a 10-year Android user, moving to the iPhone 12, but I thought some of that "Android fanboy" stuff was pretty interesting.