Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max's AnTuTu result shows minor performance gains

17 September 2020
The results are somehow disappointing.

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Shanti Dope, 17 Sep 2020Not an Apple fan, but this is certainly a wise move to choo... moreThat's your suggestion... But how ever I wish GSM conduct test on A13 and A14 to see if apple is after efficiency rather than performance...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020Android can’t even beat A11 in iPhone X and 8, I love both ... moreExcuse me?

  • SkaAndroid

Haha iphone people are mad. But like always will settle for simplicity. This iphone 12 is so boring and useless

Now switch to the argument that spec means nothing only integration between software and hardware matters even if the professor is not to notch! Honestly last few generation of SoCs in Android and IOS world are giving fantastic performance and you don't need to upgrade your process of for years at least....

Not an Apple fan, but this is certainly a wise move to choose efficiency gains over performance, as even the A13 Bionic is already more than powerful enough to handle even the heaviest of tasks for smartphones today, and focusing on higher efficiency would be greater for better sustainability and power management.
Just think of playing heavy games for more than an hour in the maximum settings, but only losing about 4% of battery instead of the usual 8 to 10%, now that's what I would say more practical.

Just my theory, and it's only applicable if my assumptions are proven right (which I hope would be, as it's for everyone's benefit after all).

  • .alpha

Trump try to kill Kirin 1020 for a reason; 1st 5nm SoC with integrated 5G modem. Both Qualcomm and Apple are slowly falling behind MediaTek and Huawei

A tech writer with an ounce of self respect would dig into why Apple is creating poor scores for the A14 on i-Devices. A tech writer with a little honour would maybe look into if it has to do with creating a buffer to be able to sell the OSX launch as "superior", by s___ing in the faces of all iPhone and iPad users?

  • Anonymous

It is not compulsory that the phone is having 60000+ score can beat iphone 12 pro max, first off all can any one tell me that does iphone 12 pro max is going to have a 120hz display.

Ohh, I was waiting for a 40% faster phone...

  • slickrick

Here come the android fans to bash iPhone even though it's clear, we just don't care. Enjoy your spec sheet war.

  • Rick

jason, 17 Sep 2020as an android user, I couldnt really care less about chip s... moreThey are quicker at certain thinks but not all over all the Snapdragon wind this year

TechEnthusiast, 17 Sep 2020It is the same GSMarena who keeps showing Apple's GPU ... moreHow the tables has turned... this will be fun!

Apple users don’t care. SUPPORT, performance, usability is what they need. Yall trolls stop wasting time comparing android and ios.

PS. Btw Apple fans don't have the time need to comment here. They don't have enough time-wasting from trolls.

  • mel

and apple starting price for iPhone 12 pro will start between $800 or maybe $1,000 for 64gb lol

This is no brainer, what will you choose... lol

  • theStick

Apple don't have to bother too much with innovation as just bringing 5G is enough to make people buy the new phones. It's called capitalism and they are experts at maximizing profit with minimum cost

  • Anonymous

Android can’t even beat A11 in iPhone X and 8, I love both of OS but sorry thats a fact.

  • Anonymous

Lol Apple Fans are so defensive right now. People aren’t mad that the A14 has a lower score than other chips, I’m sure the A14 is super-efficient with proper software, the problem is the hardware hasn’t improved by to much.

Antutu scores are pretty useless for non-gamers anyway.

  • MrMing

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020Such sweeping statements you have there. Those so-called pe... moreThat throttle gate only exists once your battery health drops.

Current iPhones have good battery management, and they don't deteriotate quickly unless you use a cheap 3rd party charger or abuse the phone.

If the battery does get ruined, it's an easy replacement. Because iPhones are some of the most repairable smartphones.

  • Diego

It's just a benchmark...