Weekly poll: the Sony Xperia 5 II seems to be exactly what many have been asking for, or is it?

20 September 2020
It checks most boxes for many people but will those people put their money where their mouth is?

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Shui8, 20 Sep 2020Yes! Long time overdue, finally Sony did it! (From X ... moreI do agree with you, but one exception in the X series is XZ Premium, which has the same traits and spirit as Xperia 1 II & 5 II, only the battery was just alright.

CptPower, 23 Sep 2020Asking 900 for a low end flagship where even the Poco 3 for... moreJust because you don't like the form factor, doesn't mean there are no people who likes 21:9 aspect ratio than meaningless 20:9 or 19:9 aspect ratios.

SD865 is not low end flagship. It is 2020 flaship chipset. We are not in 2024.

Your poco is not even a match with stupid build quality and missing all flagship features. Flagship doesnt just mean chipset alone. SD865 with 5G is expensive, so all flagships this year are expensive. If you want better or best, feel free to spend rather than complaining.

pan, 24 Sep 2020nice one... i also see my previous phones as collections, s... moreThat's true, people today change phones a lot faster than they did about a decade ago, an average person then would keep their device for at least 3 years, I believe, but today they're changing after months, a couple years at the most, and with several models coming every week these days, it's a lot of electronic waste out there. I used my old Nokia for almost 4 years when it started to become obsolete but I still loved it, because same, I got attached to it and also a lot of memories with it, and also I look for longevity, and very high quality while selecting a phone so to never have to worry about something going wrong or taking it for repairs, it's an additional peace of mind. I still have a bunch of Nokia and Motorola phones and they function well, and while I'm tempted to sell them sometimes, I think I'll keep them in my collection. I regret getting rid of one of my phones, a Sony Xperia as the software got outdated but it was such a unique device, I'd buy it again if I find it somewhere. Your 909 is a legacy device, never sell it, as it's really a collector's item, I tried a lot to buy that phone in new condition, but couldn't find one. As always, have a great day pal : )

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L.O.R.D, 22 Sep 2020You sir, have the same taste in phones as I do, it seems li... morenice one... i also see my previous phones as collections, sometimes the pressure of selling it is strong, some people offer to buy my nokia 909, but aside from it is still in prestine condition (i just cant add more apps since the windows phone store is already dead), it also carries some of my memories...
one of my criteria in choosing a phone (or maker) is the known build quality and longevity... i was just curious to try firefly mobile, alcatel, cloudfone, and lenovo...
such criteria is my small contribution for minimizing electronic waste, which is not the case for most brands out there, sadly the culture of android os updates push most people to upgrade... but that is where some community are helping - those developing lineage os and the like...
if only most people buy product that last long, and upgrade only, for, lets say 3-5 years, most brands might also think about sturdy products and support them for long...

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020This is also why iPhones are so popular. The build quality ... moreBuild quality? My father's bendable iPad Pro would like to have a word with you.
Also Apple has the highest amount of quality control issues despite having fewer phones in their inventory.

Asking 900 for a low end flagship where even the Poco 3 for 300 bucks can do a lot better sounds pretty silly from Sony.
Sony if yestrdays was a lot betzter than Sony of today and Future.
In past they were making great compact flagships nowdays all their phones looks like giant remote controller with nothing to interest its possible customers.

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L.O.R.D, 22 Sep 2020That's sad to know your K20 didn't perform as exp... moreNope, I've been using xiaomi mi max since 2016 and the only major problem I got is the battery end of lifr problem..

pan, 21 Sep 2020wow... actually, i liked this kind of comment better where ... moreHave a good day buddy : )

pan, 21 Sep 2020wow... actually, i liked this kind of comment better where ... moreYou sir, have the same taste in phones as I do, it seems like. I've been never about the quantity more than I care about the quality. Sure I like when a device has a lot of features, but then many of those kind of devices often don't care about the quality which is very important to me as I hold on to my phones for a long time and tend to even keep them after their life has been over, just as a collectible or souvenir. A lot of people these days don't care about the quality much, because phones get outdated fast and they prefer to rather buy something cheap, use it for short time then discard and hence they buy the Realwe or Xioame etc. Not saying they're absolutely cheap but I just never was drawn to them, maybe because of their software or not very high quality build. I don't mind paying extra for better quality so I usually stick to Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Asus etc brands which have almost no chance of defects or issues

PetalPax, 21 Sep 2020Personally, I owned a Xiaomi phone. I am definitely saying ... moreThat's sad to know your K20 didn't perform as expected. Thanks for the warning, I'll stay clear of those phones. Maybe the quality gets sacrificed at times for the quantity of features and low price these phones come with

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Smithravi, 22 Sep 2020Lot of features but not everything right?? Features you thi... moreThis is also why iPhones are so popular. The build quality is very good, and even the electrical components aren't cheaped out on. You never have to worry about the many many problems that these "great phones for cheaper" have.

When you only focus on chipset and refresh rate vs price like these user "on-paper reviewers," you lose out on a LOT of quality of life features like haptics, volume levels, battery care, color accuracy, component quality, longevity, and robustness.

I mean, my friend used a iPhone 5c until this year. That's 6.5 years on one phone. He replaced the battery once and had absolutely no component failures. Unlike all my "midrange" androids which barely ever last 3 years. Charging port failures, button failures, speaker failures, power delivery failures (looking at you HTC 10 with your constant 1.2A screen-on power draw....), boot loops, massive software glitches, etc...

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020and that's why this market is vanishing fast and why s... moreLot of features but not everything right?? Features you think not much for you can be big for someone else. For example like the design, build quality, display quality, waterproof and many more. Chipset alone is not everything.

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Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020That's why there are different phones. Then something ... moreand that's why this market is vanishing fast and why sony mobile is never not in the red. and lots of 'features' on this phone can be found on phones that are much cheaper anyway, including the chipset.

Smithravi, 21 Sep 2020Poco F2 is not even a match. It has poor build quality. No ... moreSomeone had to get it out there. Thank you for this comment.

A7sii, 22 Sep 2020Troll/Hater starter pack "Phone is too long" &q... moreYes Sony must grow.. I remember Obama's comments when sony was struck by hackers.. He declared this as "act of war". Cuz haters should know sony is among "pillars" of US economy.

Firefox, 21 Sep 2020Yes it is true. But remember Sony will never give the lates... moreUpdate: spell correction.. Dear moderator plz delete its prev copy.. Thanks
Apple since iPhone 4 till now is getting sony latest sensors exclusively for itself denying even sony itself to use even in its flagships. Oppo also acquired exclusive contract with sony for a custom demanded sensor/camera denied for sony itself. That's why sony couldn't grow past few prime days of Sony Ericsson cuz they tied their hands in easy money contracts to supply "modules" hence being denied to use itself n faking itself that it is saving effort of getting into hastle of making full phone on large scales.

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Troll/Hater starter pack
"Phone is too long"
"Always heats up and Freezes"
"Has unusual aspect ratio, won't buy"
"No wireless charging!"
"Please close down Sony"

  • A7sii

Rdmkr, 21 Sep 2020The aspect ratio is terrible. 5 minutes after you buy this ... moreWrong, Wrong and Wrong! Unless you're the hulk in which case no phone will fit your "imaginary ginormous hands"

No let me tell you a REAL reviewers perspective not a troll/hater

Easy to hold
Can grip with one hand
Drop down menu can be accessed from the middle or bottom of the screen hence not a problem.
21;9 movies, games and videos look absolutely amazing and feels like a pocket cinema in your hands.

Sometimes 16;9 videos get cropped but you can zoom in.

Firefox, 21 Sep 2020Yes it is true. But remember Sony will never give the lates... moreWrong.. Apple has been getting latest sony cameras/sensors/DSPs as exclusive contracts denying even sony itself cuz apple bore sony's RND costs.. N paying sony premium too.. Said this i m not apple worshiper infact hater.. But truth is truth.. I hate for other bigger reasons.. Walled garden one of them

Stanley Kubrick, 22 Sep 2020I disagree. Does the Samsung have FRONT FACING stereo speak... moreSamsung can do custom resolution to save battery like fhd, low, hi resolution like windows desktops.. Sony n many others Nope
Samsung has feature called "Bandwidth Aggregation" combining bandwidth of cellular internet with Wi-Fi internet.. Sony n many others Nope
Nowadays sony phones have camera/sensors mixed with Samsung sensors too.. Is it sense of pride for sony?... Nope
Samsung is 1st to integrate latest n fastest LPDDRx even in budget phones to save cpu north bridge latencies hence battery.. Sony?.. Nope n forget its budget line