OnePlus launches a white edition of the 7T in China

18 September 2020
The phone initially launched almost a year ago.

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Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020Funny that the 7T is cheaper but still have a better camera... moreYeapp.. i agree. Even better configuration than 8T (but the main cam of 8 series should be better)

  • Anonymous

Will have it the problems of coverture and automatic adaptive brightness issue, too? :D

Why it looks so beautiful :D

  • Anonymous

Funny that the 7T is cheaper but still have a better camera setup than the 8 and most probably of the 8T.

Olym1mk2, 18 Sep 2020Apple fanboy. Admirer. Not a fan.

Heisenberg, 18 Sep 2020Every smartphone should have a white editionApple fanboy.

Every smartphone should have a white edition

How smart is that, when 8t is on the way out? Hmm.

it just a boring white color but they make it so hype.

When any manufacturer produce red, yellow, purple or rainbow color edition, they also make it limited and sometime increase the price. And many people baited by the color.
for example samsung BTS, realme x2 master edition, redmi note 9 red, white s20 ultra

  • Sri

Hope OnePlus brings it to India for the upcoming festive season sale to exhaust the stocks to make way for the 8T. Was hoping OnePlus to launch the Frosted Silver in the 8GB/256GB spec but this white one would definitely work.

Looks good

It came with snapdragon 855+ not snapdragon 855.

  • Hamim


  • Ben

Do you even read their post? It's only 1 UNIT being made available and they gave it to one of their lucky winner last night through bilibili.

  • Anonymous

I like the look of that.