Alleged wireless charger for iPhone 12 series appears on video

18 September 2020
It will use magnets to attach to the phone.

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6ix, 19 Sep 2020GSM Arena writes up a useful Apple post for apple users, an... moreI am an Android user but I wish that instead of focusing on more battery capacity these smartphone brands would also venture into some innovations for user benefit

This could be the next norm for all the other iPhones in the future. Could do without the whole wire and adapter thing

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abigfanoftechs, 19 Sep 2020This is insane innovation, they're using magnet to att... moreaahahahahha this is something new i cant believe it ,this is must have in 2017

BMSmith, 19 Sep 2020I think that's the thing though my friend, android use... moreI partially agree with your comment, but I take an issue with android users are more "sensible".

Oftentimes, each user has their own needs, and some users just don't care about certain specs. Thinking that specs is what defines which phone is better and which phone is worse does not affect the general population at all. The reason? The most sold phones of 2020 that are androids are always the midrange phones, which cost the least and thus have the least amount of specs. Most of the best selling android phones don't even come with the best spec-to-price ratio(take, the galaxy a51 compared to the redmi k30 ultra).

This shows that actually most people don't base their desicion off specs(the iPhone 11 isn't the most spec-heavy phone out there).

I think the user base their decision off price and ecosystem. Apple may not have the best price, but they definetly have a great ecosystem. And that's why users buy into their products. Apple also has a good reputation for quality.

Samsung also has somewhat of an ecosystem and around the same quality, but their a51 is really cheap and widely available, hence the large sales.

6ix, 19 Sep 2020GSM Arena writes up a useful Apple post for apple users, an... moreI think that's the thing though my friend, android users are generally (not always) the more sensible consumers; they look at a phones core specs, the hardware and the software integration, the quality of the camera setup, battery life and charging speeds, new technology and aesthetics and make a decision based on that. There's so much competition in the android space, that no developer can afford to NOT deliver, adapt and innovate or they'll fall out of favor (HTC, Sony).

Switching over to Apple, we see the exact opposite. Apple users are happy, in such a competitive, diverse and readily available marketplace, to accept less specs, a lesser user experience, a lesser warranty on a more expensive product and pay handsomely for the pleasure. Apple isn't an innovator, it's a marketer and has marketed it's phones in such a way that has appealed, almost religiously, to a large demographic of people who base their self worth and self satisfaction on brands - that's where Apple has done well and why they continue to sell so well.

I think the reason you'll always get android users in Apple articles throwing shade, isn't necessarily because we like the drama (though I'm sure that's titillation enough for some) it's because we're tired that you're NOT tired of the shortchanging. Apple gets away with the things it does, and arguably makes the industry as a whole worse (first no headphone jack, first £1000+ phone, now no charger on iPhone 12 - others will follow) and because you accept it, they continue on and other brands think "Well, if Apple can get away with it!"

This is just another lazy product - something that can be bought on Wish and has been sold for years now - and Apple will price it at £50-£100 and you'll buy it. That's why there's dozens of android commentors here.

This is insane innovation, they're using magnet to attach to metal bits of phone!
Wow!!! Hope you're all learning something new today.

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Lerox, 18 Sep 2020Another reason for buying Rolex Milgauss ;)If you can afford it lol

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6ix, 19 Sep 2020GSM Arena writes up a useful Apple post for apple users, an... morethe last time i seen people talk like that was in the church

GSM Arena writes up a useful Apple post for apple users, android fans here screaming, what a time to be alive, mind you, Apple is trying to change the way we charge our phones, a wireless charger clipped to the back of your phone, suddenly a port less phone comes to mind, those are practical examples of how apple innovates, make what’s available better or do it differently, but android fan boys here and mostly everywhere would rather want to see gimmicks and pointless specs, some times relax and study the competition, if they’re so successful they are obviously doing something right but you guys just never get it

Could this be the reason why Apple is ditching the charger in the box?

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Wait.magnets,how are we supposed to take out the phone of the charger?
Should the charging pad be glued or screwed to the table?
Is the glue included in the box? 😂

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AnonD-804996, 18 Sep 2020All these super strong magnets everyewhere in devices are n... moreAnother reason for buying Rolex Milgauss ;)

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Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020120hz or 6032

Another reason to give blind-crazy Apple fans to handover money, if it means going hungry for days just for a new Apple branded product - I've since it help so don't @ me lol 😂

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anybody can come up with such an "advanced" picture/ prototype. why is this nonsense called news?

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All these super strong magnets everyewhere in devices are nightmare for people who wear mechanical watches...

[deleted post]lmao what

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This is how you do a charging pad
Magnetically or, with a lot of coils that can overheat
Well done Apple
Hope others will follow as always

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120hz or 60

  • AnonD-949291 extra bucks