iOS 14 found to reset default apps after every reboot

18 September 2020
Is this a bug or a feature?

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Andreidinutu, 18 Sep 2020Haha what a "solid" experience this is. Haha. Ke... moreIt's literally the initial public release. Mistakes in software or even design can, do and will happen. That applies to Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows or Linux. They'll adjust things as they get more feedback from people compared to closed and open beta which is used by tiny minority of users.

  • Anonymous

my wifi is connection is now and does select app it works with

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020What pisses me off is I updated my 7 to iOS 14 and now my c... moreHave you been intouch with Apple,shorly there's a fix fella ,!

  • svm

it's magic!!!

  • Anonymous

What pisses me off is I updated my 7 to iOS 14 and now my camera won’t work.

Mike9625, 18 Sep 2020And this is what apple boys call the best software support. LMAO.Exactly. I hate people who side with 1 part

Haha what a "solid" experience this is. Haha.
Keep on rambling about specs don't matter, and that iphone gives a better experience

Apparently it has already been confirmed as a bug. What annoys me more is when you have something other than Safari set as default, all the apps always ask you like "Application X wants to open Firefox". It's really quite annoying. I just want to open browser directly and behave the same as Safari does. Not further annoy me with popups/questions. I set Firefox to be my default app, there is no need to now ask me every time anything opens it up. As much as Apple doe a lot of things properly, her it feels like they have absolutely no concept of what Default apps should behave like. I'd also prefer a centralized "Default applications" settings like Windows 10 and Android have, so you have one point where you adjust default apps. On iOS you need to go to the app that you want a default. And you can also set some other app as default within another app. Makes very little sense. But at least it's moving in the right direction...

  • George

ios 14 is much faster than ios 13.7 on my iPhone 8 plus and the same good battery life.

Don't you just love APPLE,they want to control everything about everything,Talk about Big Brother watching us,!

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

freedom to da people!

cyber, 18 Sep 2020or may not to be issue,its Apple after allPerhaps it's a hidden feature. Who knows with Apple.

and people ask me why I don't buy iPhones lmao

  • Anonymous

As usual full of bugs upon launch.

And this is what apple boys call the best software support. LMAO.

Sure, this was a mistake...

Handicapped for yet another reason !

  • cyber

or may not to be issue,its Apple after all