The US Commerce Department will ban TikTok and WeChat this Sunday

18 September 2020
TikTok will continue to function (though the app won't get updates). WeChat will be affected much more severely.

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  • Wann


  • Indian

I am bored with this ladies war..
Want to see full fledged war..
Do or Die..

  • Gama

If you have been to China, you will notice that Facebook, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp etc don't function there, they were restricted to what I don't know the reason why Chinese government ban those apps and social networks before. I will say it's the Chinese that start by trying to be strict.

1+ buds and tiktok are amongst us ... the horror :)

  • cyber

who is next...

Secretary Wilbur Ross. “At the President’s direction, we have taken significant action to combat China’s malicious collection of American citizens’ personal data, while promoting our national values, democratic rules-based norms, and aggressive enforcement of U.S. laws and regulations.”
WTF is this democratic is what we think it democratic ,well my friend you and the rest of the world have a diff viwe and understanding of the world democratic...Who the .... force some1 to sell him something if that makes money?I mean what if Europe ,China and Russia come tommorow and say “Hey usa you know what ,we been think if you dont sell apple to europe,oracle to china and microsoft to russia” we will ban the apps in this regions..What us and A does atm is pure bullying and I for 1 do not aprove with it...(I know My opiniin dont matter of the net or on the grand biwe of things”

Tit for tat😂

Who cares? 😴 Plenty of alternatives to choose from.

I would like to see how that will be enforced :D

  • Syerin

It must be irritating to be Trump. There's too many country that is not America.

  • Anonymous

Me living outside china and usa and their allies: grabs pop corn

I used to use WeChat, still have a couple of contacts using it.
Moved to Telegram for a couple of years now.
Outside of China, there is no reason to use WeChat.

I wonder if Apple will ban it on their China store?

  • Anonymous

Tough luck for iOS, we could always choose to side load the updated app on Android.

The drama! Lmao. Probs cause Trump ain't getting any likes on his TikTok 😂

Come on, come on, come on and cryyyyyy babyyyyyy (in a janis japlin screaming voice)

  • MrMing


  • Mohit

Great news!

  • Anonymous

Okay. I really can't think of this as a sane move by a rational government. Banning a video sharing app and a messaging/payment app used by millions. Trump really is desperate for votes from xenophobic US folks.

Good initiative.

  • James

Interesting how the US is continuing to isolate itself from the world, they have to understand that its too late to stop China.