Apple's new 8th generation iPad is already just $299

18 September 2020
Such a price drop on launch day is quite unprecedented.

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  • Zteam

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2020Personally, just get a NAS. And bypass all this hate. H... moreNope a SD-slot is very handy to have.
You can't install apps into your NAS then the storage on your tablet is full.
A portable hard drive is way more bulky than a SD-card.

Of course if the device has a huge storage then you aren't going to use that SD-slot very often, but this can be very expensive instead.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020The air is a way better option, since I don't buy iPhones So, in other words, this was a meaningless comment

  • Anonymous

The air is a way better option, since I don't buy iPhones

if it gets manufactured in India, we might be able to procure at a better price which will be much closer to $299

  • Ayaan Goswami

This is a pretty decent price point for an iPad and I think based on the features will provide as a good option for students as well as new professionals.

  • Aryan

Apple has been trying to offer options for users at a more accessible price point and that is a really neat.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2020can you recommend a good chinese tablets? Chinese tablets don’t have iWork suit which I use extensively to create all kinds of documents and presentations. Notability, iMovie, Lumafusion and Procreate are also missing. In fact, there are so many good apps that are missing in Android.

  • Ziz

I would personally be ashamed to present NEW device with 2013 body

  • Hai Samnang

I like

  • Anonymous

32GB-s of storage are a bit down , but I guess for most users it would barely make a difference.

Other than that, it's a decent offer at $299, now only if I could had for that price in my country.

  • AnonD-920478

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2020can you recommend a good chinese tablets? I mean if you must have a chinese tablet then Teclast is the way to go

  • Imaeda

sq2013, 19 Sep 2020What do most people do on a tablet? I go on it for a bit of... moreWhere do you store your life on? I use my 6gen Ipad to study, take notes at class and is the only device where I use my bank acount, because I dont use it on any weird network. sometimes to browse youtube or netflix on trips, but only downloaded content

  • lcie

32 gb is so small. i returned my 32 and got myself a 128 gig... starting a 32 gig as entry level is apple strategy that way people dont have a choice but to go for the 128

  • Anonymous

Q, 19 Sep 2020LOL... What a 'brilliant' yet VERY STUPID answer... morecan you recommend a good chinese tablets?

  • Anonymous

Ridiculous 32GB ,2020,,,, back to the past

  • M.A.

So this means for black Friday it will be 250$

  • kek

Imagine paying 300$ for 32 gb in 2020 lmao

  • sq2013

Nodal to Mesh, 19 Sep 2020Who buy tablet just for note and YouTube? What do most people do on a tablet? I go on it for a bit of browsing, youtube, play a few games, maybe buy some online shopping or whatever. I wouldn't store my life on a tablet.

  • Anonymous

32GB is enough storage even if you have like 15GB free of it to use. It's all depends on what you do with your tablet. If your a hoarder then there wont be enough space even when you have TB of space in there. People forget we have 256GB usb sticks that cost like 20 euro or just external storage where you backup all your files pictures and so on that isnt in cloud by now. Do you need to have 20 plus games installed on your tablet that you play maybe 1 game in a year only while other 19 take just space and battery power for there update checking and updates ?

  • Anonymous

In my country these prices dont go down. All we get is advertisements of 70% down while selling at the same price as day one. It's pretty much with everything in here and nobody cares. Ever sale off have just that up to 70% down on price but from what was the price week ago was same without the discount.