Nokia 2.4 and 3.4 debut as Nokia 8.3 5G goes global

22 September 2020
The 2.4 and 3.4 are bringing more processing power than their predecessors keeping the budget small. The 8.3 was announced in March.

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  • Blah

Yeah price in the US is ridiculous. Thought, there are some rumours that there HMD will be working with verizon to make a version of the phone 500 dollars. Apparently it will be called the"Nokia 8V"

  • Anonymous

pufanu, 22 Sep 2020The 8.3 5G is severely overpriced.Yup

  • Muhammad

Poor performance of Nokia 2.2 .
Lost confident on Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020It's an enormous shame, what's happened to this o... moreThe great brand sold its mobile division to microsoft.
They have not made phones since.

Another company pays them to use thier logo.
Nokia has nothing to do with projects of HMD phones.

HMD = design
Foxconn = manufacturing
FIH = design few ODM devices for HMD

  • Shuvo

Its a shame nokia keep releasing uninteresting phone.

  • Anonymous

What a joke the 8.3 is. Poco X3 is probably better and costs less than a third

All phone should maintain a standard of FHD+ resolution. This 720p is outdated in this decade.
Pricing of Nokia is more offensive to capture market than other global brands.

  • Zach

Sadly no small device

  • Nouman

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020$700 = macro and depth cameras, no stereo, no IP rating , n... moreIt is a PureDisplay (HDR) on 8.3 5G.

  • Anonymous

Bruh the only interesting phone out of these is Nokia 3.4
8.3 is severely overpriced, like you can get a flagship at that price (even one year old flagship like S10 Plus is better)

  • Anonymous

$700 dollars. That's too much even for a long time fan and user of Nokia. Not worth I think.
Value for money is definitely not there. May be Sammy A71?????

  • Batman

The 8.3 looks stunning. Reviews are excellent so far. A bit overpriced. Might buy it.

  • Anonymous

It's an enormous shame, what's happened to this one great brand.

The 8.3 5G is severely overpriced.

Great improvement from 2.3 and 3.2

  • Anonymous

$700 = macro and depth cameras, no stereo, no IP rating , no HDR screen