Realme UI 2.0 update roadmap released

24 September 2020
It's specifically for the first wave of the Early Access rollout in India.

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  • Anonymous

HARRY, 10 Jan 2021what date of realme ui c2 android 10 next update on 2021 ? ... moreWhat date again to update the ui version pls answer him
I am worried about this phone

  • Apple Executive

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2021Will realme 6pro ever get amoled display!??Since It has not much users As compared to other Models as well as that model is quite old also


what date of realme ui c2 android 10 next update on 2021 ? please answer me

  • Anonymous

Why C11 out of the list?

  • Anonymous

Will realme 6pro ever get amoled display!??

  • Anonymous

Realme C17.
Not update??

  • Durgesh Gupta

SegoPecel, 27 Dec 2020rip realme 5 :(Android 11 update

  • SegoPecel

rip realme 5 :(

  • EmobOy

It's December at its end and i doesn't get any UI update in my realme 7

  • Sanchit

No update for realme 5s and 5i

  • Biki pradhan

Is realme 2 pro doesn't get realme ui2.0

  • Peter

C17 not getting the update?

  • Realme 5s

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2020what about realme 5sRealme ui 2.0 Available ya

  • Faruk

We want previous phone, message and contact app back on realme ui. Google doesn't better. Otherwise give option for us. Who want google or who want previous. Call recording option is must needed.

  • Anonymous

My realme c2 I download a andorid 10 2.02gb and it's starting off but I open not android 10 why??

  • Abir

Why not c11 bro It's really sad🤧

so many glitch in 6 pro and talking about flagship phones ....hahahaha..... resolve your glitches first and then action to catch new users by releasing new models .....

Realme believes in selling instead to maintain market ....they are not looking existing users satisfaction and try to capture new customers

  • fahim4210

Why there is no 5i?!?

  • bruh

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2020Why don't update realme 5 ... With UI 2.0 ...I think realme only gives 2 years software support on every phone