Google Pixel 5 to launch October 15, Pixel 4a 5G wouldn’t arrive until November

26 September 2020
A white Pixel 4a 5G is also planned, but that one might be delayed until next year.

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  • 26 Sep 2020

Hassan90, 26 Sep 2020Evan never said Pixel 5 will be priced for $700 in the US. ... moreYou can buy better phone anyway.

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    • 26 Sep 2020

    Kingslayer, 26 Sep 2020I thought about getting the Pixel 5. No, thanks. I'm g... moreHave you considered Sony Xperia 5 II?
    Availability might be spotty and on the horizon but what are your thoughts?

      Evan never said Pixel 5 will be priced for $700 in the US.
      He said the price in Canada is $800 (Canadian dollar), which is equal to $600 (US Dollar).
      Please be more professional. You are the best and oldest tech site.

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        • 26 Sep 2020

        By the time it's released, another just few months Xiaomi is out with another flagship with SD875, just a couple more dollars. What the hell is Google thinking? Releasing a late phones, mid ranger, shallow features except for the camera - which is now not so quite top notch anymore. Anyone who behind this phone idea needs to be fired.

          I thought about getting the Pixel 5. No, thanks. I'm good. My Pixel 3's Snapdragon 845 is still superior to the 765G. So I'm basically paying another $700 for a wide-angle cam and my LG G5 is at 135 degrees and not 107 that this Pixel 5 has.

          What I really want is the Razr 5G but it's double the cost with the same SoC. I've also considered the LG Wing but don't like LG's skin and the phone is too tall. Why pay so much for a SoC weaker than the flagships released in 2018?

          I might get that smaller iPhone 12 and I don't really like iPhone. I just wouldn't mind getting it because of the price, better SoC, size, and iMessages. I still have an iPad mini to do the latter but I wouldn't mind having it for a phone.

          Pixel 5 went cheap on us with the SoC to keep the price down. Went the 3a/4a route. I like the move but why bother when I got my Pixel 3 for $450 with the superior SoC?