Nokia 7 Plus receiving maintenance release update, September 1 security patch too

26 September 2020
The two-and-a-half-year-old phone got Android 10 back in January, security updates have also been coming in steadily.

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Xtopher, 29 Sep 2020Where did you purchase the magnetic Type C Port/cable?I ordered it online through Lazada Philippines. But the item was from China.

  • Comed

My Nokia 7 plus did not charging properly after almost 15 months of using it. Except, I put the phone upside down while the Neck of the Usb cable Become a back

  • Xtopher

MR45, 27 Sep 2020I got my Nokia 7 plus only by chance. I first bought a Xiao... moreWhere did you purchase the magnetic Type C Port/cable?

Carol, 28 Sep 2020More like Nokia 5 -> 5.1 -> 5.3 Nokia 6 -> 6.1 -... moreThe below links will clear your doubts. Nokia 8.1 is indeed the successor of Nokia 7 Plus.

"In response to this, Shroff [HMD Global exec] claimed, the company has adjusted along the way and blamed the confusion on HMD Global being newcomers. He admitted that “the [Nokia] 7 Plus successor was actually the [Nokia] 8.1 and we realised we should have called it [Nokia] 8.”"

  • Rod

Nokia 7plus charge connection not working so the phone is useless

  • Hlengiwr

My Nokia 7 plus is not working it stuck I don't know wat to do

  • Carol

RishiGuru, 28 Sep 2020Nokia 7 Plus successors are Nokia 8.1 and now the Nokia 8.3... moreMore like
Nokia 5 -> 5.1 -> 5.3
Nokia 6 -> 6.1 -> 6.2 -> 6.3
Nokia 7 -> 7.1 -> 7.2 -> 7.3
Nokia 6.1 Plus (no other in this cathegory)
Nokia 7 plus (no other in this cathegory)
Nokia 5.1 Plus (no other in this cathegory)
Nokia 8 -> 8 Sirroco => split high-Midrager Nokia 8.1 -> 8.3
Split Flagship Nokia 9 -> 9.3

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 28 Sep 2020Did not receive the much hyped MR build (00WW_4_16B) in Ind... moreYes, same here in UK. Only September security update.. nothing else so on same build as you.

  • Daphine

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2020Mediatek, nuff said.How comes my Nokia 3.2 is android 10

Did not receive the much hyped MR build (00WW_4_16B) in India. Instead received a tiny 40.55 MB update for my Nokia 7 Plus, upgrading security patch to Sep, 2020. My current build number after update is (00WW_4_15D_SP04).

  • Andy

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2020M on second charging port but same issue again. New update ... moreAnyone know when Nokia 5.3 get September 2020 update

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2020Sure it does have successors in the device, 7.2 &the co... moreNokia 7 Plus successors are Nokia 8.1 and now the Nokia 8.3. Nokia self admitted they made a big mistake with naming of "Plus" models. Hence the Plus models graduated one step higher in 2018 & 2019.

Nokia 6 (2017) -> Nokia 6.1 (2018) -> Nokia 7.1 (2018) -> Nokia 7.2 (2019)
Nokia 7 (2017) -> Nokia 7 Plus (2018) -> Nokia 8.1 (2018) -> Nokia 8.3 (2020)
Nokia 8 (2017) -> Nokia 8 Sirroco (2018) -> Nokia 9 (2019)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-832645, 27 Sep 2020Hmd make good impression with this phone but there is no ac... moreSure it does have successors in the device, 7.2 &the coming one- 7.3...

  • Maxim

Kishi, 27 Sep 2020Me too.. just last week paid 2200/- for changing the chargi... moreI got insurance on my phone, also had that charging port problem but it was my fault since I'm always using my phone, but guess what, when I had the problem I called my insurance. They decided to give me a Brand New phone. I'm using a New Nokia 7 plus... Maybe the most basic thing you should consider is Insuring your gadgets, just to be safe... And I'm still under a 2 year warranty...

  • Garage

Dude, 27 Sep 2020Yeah and if only we wouldn't use the phone it would la... moreWe all have the same port. I have noticed it wiggles. It's this phone's Achilles heel. You know it and you take care. I did and I am still using it. I am not accusing you by the way, but it saws how not every user is the same. Your normal is not my normal.

  • Naez

I got my Nokia 7plus last year the problem is it takes time to charge

  • AnonD-832645

Hmd make good impression with this phone but there is no actual successor for 7 plus. The X71 have a chance to be 7 plus successor but lack of nfc and too bad the x71 is a china/taiwan only device.

  • Anonymous

Bhaskar, 27 Sep 2020Headphone problem Try to solve this problemWeak speaker

I got my Nokia 7 plus only by chance. I first bought a Xiaomi Mi Note 3 but returned it immediately after learning that the software was a custom ROM. I decided to try the Nokia 7 plus, got it for ~$230. So far I am very satisfied of it: from its premium build and handsome design... to its clean and easy Android One software. After learning that a lot of people are complaining about the faulty charging port, I didn't expect my phone to last. But so far, after 16 months of using, my charging port is still fine. Nevertheless, as a preventive measure, I decided to use a magnetic Type-C port lately so as to avoid damaging the built-in port.

L.O.R.D, 26 Sep 2020Indeed. The 6.1 is one of the best phones HMD ever made, wr... moreGreat phone for its $100 price. This phone reminds me of older Meizu devices like MX4 Pro and the Pro 5. The things in common are the craftsmanship and built quality. My Nokia 6.1 (4/64 GB) has better asthetic design in my humble opinion.