Realme Q-series phone will debut on October 13 with 65W charging and Realme UI 2.0

28 September 2020
It will be the second member of the China-exclusive Q-series.

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  • Vipul Singh

When come update realme c2 in realme ui

  • Anonymous

According to new leaks, the forthcoming Realme Q-series 5G phone will come in two variants: Q2, Q2Pro.
- SoC: 2 variants will use 2 different SoCs, out of the 3 choices: D1000+, D800U, SD750G. Q2Pro will use D1000+.
- price (rumored): Both models will be priced within 1600-1900CNY ($235-$280).

D800U and SD750G are priced similarly, both are cheaper than SD765G. Performance wise (per early benchmarks), we have:
The performance difference among these 4 SoCs is marginal.

Realme is undoubtedly on a roll for offering more and more choices to its consumers and the Q series seems like it would be a good addition to those choices. However I hope they use a powerful and affordable chipset thereby making the phone affordable.

  • Anonymous

Since June, 2020, Realme is operating in two parallel spaces, with a new 5G Division dedicated to 5G markets, and 4G Division serving the legacy markets.

The apparent chaos in Realme's 4G Division is partly a reflection of a misplaced overcommitment towards the legacy 4G markets, and partly a reflection of the diminished 4G support from the smartphone supply chain. The position of 4G phones in 2020 is extremely awkward, as seen below:
- SD720G has been the only decent new 4G SoC for 2020. What can you do other than repetitively using the same SD720G?
- Most phone-makers, especially designers inside those phone companies, are pretty tired of dealing with legacy 4G. From the universally boring 2020 4G phones, you see the attitude of designers behind those phones: disinterest, contempt, even disdain.

The picture is entirely different for Realme's 5G Division: The planning is meticulous, the execution is timely, and the market segmentation (via price, feature set, SoC) has been mostly spot-on. Realme's plan is to offer a most complete line of 5G phones for the low-to-middle market segment (from $75 and up) at the earliest possible time. Every new Realme 5G phone thus produced addresses a user population that is either under-served or so far unserved. The supply-chain support is "glorious", with new 5G SoCs entering the market nearly every month (7 from MediaTek, 5 from Qualcomm so far). For Realme's targeted domestic market, the users demand substantially more low-priced 5G phone varieties. Since June, Realme has delivered 4 5G phones (X7Pro, X7, V5, V3), with two more (Q2, V7) forthcoming. For the rest of 2020, more low-priced Realme 5G phone entries are not just welcome, but also demanded.

Along with other phone-makers, Realme is preparing the market for a 100% transition to 5G smartphones, leaving no space for pure 4G phones. (Not even for a $50 4G phone, since $50 5G phone will be available as early as Q1, 2021.)

  • Anonymous

Lunchboxx, 28 Sep 2020Can RealMe PLEASE start releasing more global phones? The r... moreSadly that might not happen,due to china usa situation, the only way to get yourself a realme or any other chinese device is to buy them online

keyursheth, 28 Sep 2020But why. I don't understand why do manufacturers keep ... moreI do not agree. It’s better to have many choices, in all price ranges, from the same company. That way, if some features are not to your liking, you have plenty of alternatives to find a model suitable for your needs and budget.

lol, 28 Sep 2020i never pay for hole screen phone its like paying for broke... moreIn my opinion, it’s better to have a tiny hole, with more of the phone’s screen around it, than a smaller, but „clean“ screen.

  • Anonymous

keyursheth, 28 Sep 2020But why. I don't understand why do manufacturers keep ... moreIts because the entry and midrange segment is where the money is since not every one can afford a flagship smartphone.

  • Banton

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2020No. Realme Q2 is a brand New 5G phone, intended for 5G mark... moreIt is mentioned nowhere in this post that this phone has a SD 750, can you link the article, from where you got your information ?

  • Anonymous

ChickenVN, 28 Sep 2020I think it's Realme 7 pro re-namedNo. Realme Q2 is a brand New 5G phone, intended for 5G market, with the following specs:
SD750G, AMOLED with single punch hole, under-the-screen finger-print sensor, 4300mAH (dual battery cores), 65W fast charging, plus additional "surprise(s)" yet to be announced. The rumored price is around 1600CNY ($235).

This is the 2nd phone using SD750G, to be launched on October 13, 2020. Xiaomi Mi 10T lite (with premier of SD750G) will be launched on September 30, 2020.

  • Zeeshan

This time it will be rebranded realme 7 pro

  • Lunchboxx

Can RealMe PLEASE start releasing more global phones? The rest of the word wants access to their phones too! It sucks being here in the US and seeing all the cool tech being released mainly to China and India, meanwhile the biggest news here is another overpriced iphone or samsung device.

But why. I don't understand why do manufacturers keep making same phones under different series. Its becoming so confusing to choose new phones. Even Samsung is coming out with F series now.

I like the approach from Apple and even Oneplus they don't flood the market every week with new phones. Just release 5-6 phones in a year for each price range and be happy.

Phones price range can be something like this in INR:
10k to 15k - entry level
15k to 25k - entry midrange
25k to 40k - midrange (oneplus nord)
40k to 60k - entry premium (oneplus 8 & pro, iPhone se, xr, 11)
60k to 100k - premium (iphone 11pro)
Above 100k - ultra premium (iphone pro max)

  • Kjel

Another week, another Realme phone. Now time for 1+ to reuse it in someway..

I think it's Realme 7 pro re-named

  • Sheehan

X41, 28 Sep 2020Let's declare next week as non-realme-redmi week... ... moreLol exactly..this one is probably that Realme phone which OnePlus will rebrand as 8T with 65W charging.,etc.

  • lol

i never pay for hole screen phone its like paying for broken screen.

Let's declare next week as non-realme-redmi week...

There are too many devices