Google expects to sell only 800,000 Pixel 5 units this year

01 October 2020
COVID-19 and terrible Pixel 4 performance are the key reasons behind Google’s conservative order to suppliers.

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Mar52, 11 Oct 20208oo,ooo phones is a drop in the bucket compared to 🍎 & ... moreI think this is step in the right direction for Google. We all know hardware isn't a selling point for them but software. If they really wanted to go into hardware then they have to take it slow, there's alot of competition out there and Google is way below them.

  • Mar52

kupfernigk, 06 Oct 2020Given that the 4a only came out towards the end of Septembe... more8oo,ooo phones is a drop in the bucket compared to 🍎 & Samsung? Google has no idea how to market a phone. Again pricing the pixel5 at 7oo.oo+ tax is too much for a mid-range processer? Should have been 550.00 max! Then they would have sold β›΅ loads at that price.

Given that the 4a only came out towards the end of September, if they sell 3 million of the 4a, 4a+ and 5 that is actually a much increased run rate compared to 2019.

Google cannot afford to sell so many of its phones that it becomes a threat to the main Android vendors. Not making an 865 is actually a very wise move. It is not competing with the main money earners for Samsung and the like.

  • Anonymous

Hey Google. Nobody cares. Why don't you just release a reasonably priced phone with a flagship chipset, like you did in the Nexus days. Bring back front facing stereo speakers. And put a 3.5 mm jack in your flagship phone. Give people basic functionality that they want, not gimmicks.

  • Anonymous

Halfthekgb, 01 Oct 2020And? It's still $700 for a mid-range chipset. The iPho... moreYou're not the only 1 living on this planet and even Apple would appreciate NEW users switching over.

  • Mar52

I think the 4a will outsell all the pixels this year. Why? The price of course & what's offered. In my humble opinion I think this phone just might qualify for phone of the year? You will not find a better πŸ“· at this price. Plus it's πŸŒƒ night sight actually competes with the top πŸ• ies, bar none!

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020All the phones you mentioned come with a much bigger footpr... moreI agree .
I wanna change my mi a3, and don't have any options, until now. ..

.alpha, 02 Oct 2020$700 for SD765 and $500 for plastic phone. What do you think?Show me what other option under 157mm we have??

I think they will sell lot of 4a 5g, people wanna smaller phones than 160mm.Il be switchingy mi a3, for pixel 4a 5g

Not launching a 1000 dollar phone might be good idea considering the tanking economy, job losses and people generally spending less...

This is partly due to COVID-19, and partly due to the fact that sales are down globally. Also, people don't particularly turn to google, for their model's, in the same way they do other companies like apple and samsung. Having said that, it seems possible that google may be abled to bring their model's to the realm of profitability at some point

  • Anonymous

Due to the popularity of Lightroom mobile. Photography enthusiasts (people who use photo editing apps at least once a week) actually highlight the small size of the camera sensor on the Pixel. And they found that the hardware limitations on the Pixel prevented them from achieving the same feats that could be done when they were using a Chinese phone at the same price.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

stock android really is lacking, sad fact but true many features only come with TECNO, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo & other brands which add extra stuff into their software this plain OS is not gonna be enough to sell more devices... :I

  • .alpha

$700 for SD765 and $500 for plastic phone. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020Worse marketing brand it's Google. Sell in more countr... moreIf they become bigger all others OEMs will leave Google's apps instantly. They don't have to become as apple, not today anyway, because tomorrow all will jump on Huawei ecosystem.

  • The Albion

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020We are not going to sell many phones because we do not dist... moreThats not entirely true tbh. Its almost impossible to buy a Realme phone in The U.K. None of the 4 major networks has as far as I know have ever stocked a Realme phone, neither has The Carphone Warehouse. The same story with Vivo.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020For the same price, i can get samsung galaxy s20 fe 5G or o... moreExactly: clean UI, but not really smoother. And yes, camera is good, but in not all conditions, that's why they ranked pretty far away from top charts.

Is just a phone in which Google tests their own apps after stealing info from others. That's why they are investigated along with Apple.

  • Anonymous

Because they don't sell their phones in South America. They need to do that asap. I live in Brazil and if their phones were priced right here, they wouldn't have a lot of competition.

  • Anonymous

UD scanner sux its slow and its not easier to use. The newer capacitive scanners are awesome, theyre super fast and work just the same with wet hands!

iOS Never Again, 01 Oct 2020Don't think they'll manage anything over half a m... moreI think you're wrong , this phone will sell much more than 800k ,expect our of stock signs to emerge , especially in the sage colour. This phone is right for most people not just the types that log on to websites like this.