Motorola Razr 5G to arrive in India on October 5

01 October 2020
The device will be available on Flipkart, pricing yet to be revealed.

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  • Anonymous
  • w6Z
  • 05 Oct 2020

the price really bummer, i huge fan of motorola & really love this phone, but im not going spending that much money for this phone

    • S
    • Self-proclaimed Fool
    • X}P
    • 02 Oct 2020

    Price is very high compared to what an average Indian can afford. Not sure which population group they are targeting to sell this too. Youtube "influencers" seem to promote it a lot, making it seem all like paid stuff to me.

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      • winnt7
      • keQ
      • 02 Oct 2020

      Why does this phone look so tiny, do you have massive hands?