Redmi Smart Band review

04 October 2020
We take a look at Xiaomi's most affordable fitness band.

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why there is no Specification page of MI Bands?

    • A
    • Amarsinghgautam
    • rK3
    • 02 Oct 2021

    Call alert some time will works and some time will not work...
    Tieing the belt on wrist is one of the big effort...Very poor belt tieing...

      • A
      • Abdul
      • Nu6
      • 29 Jan 2021

      The Redmi band disconnects from my phone at short distances. I v tried everything possible but still happens

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        • Ho
        • U@E
        • 04 Dec 2020

        Chambroso, 05 Oct 2020but at least say your country to get an ideaIn my watch i cannot customize my watch face

          • H
          • Harush
          • DkN
          • 05 Oct 2020

          I have redmo band, like you mentioned for first time band buyers it is greta value for money, like yoj said raise to wake frsutates so i turned off, still i am happy with battery life, deliver of notifications, music controls, and 60 watch faces

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • RxX
            • 05 Oct 2020

            me and my wife have used it for several months. So far so good, the only things that are not perfect have mentioned in the article, the software and the straps.

              Gab, 04 Oct 2020How and where to buy that smartband ?but at least say your country to get an idea

                Redmi Band = Mi Band 4C

                Mi Band 4C < Mi Band 4 < Mi Band 5 in terms of pricing and specs.

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                  • Gab
                  • tuf
                  • 04 Oct 2020

                  How and where to buy that smartband ?

                    I actually turned the raise to wake feature off because it was triggering all the time and now the battery life seems to be at around 20-25 days with the sleep monitor on and heart rate detection every 30 minutes.