vivo X60 nears launch as retail stores in China start putting up promo materials

05 October 2020
According to rumors on Weibo, the actual launch will happen in November or December.

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  • 03 Nov 2020

"professional imaging flagship"
"hole in the display"

Pick one.
If they use any 2Mp or 5Mp sensor I'll laugh so hard !

    Is the chip used in x60 is from samsung Exynos 1080
    It's a rumour just askedd

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      • LJay
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      • 26 Oct 2020

      the X60 is available from geek dot com

        I hope they will finally put (at least in the pro version) some bigger battery - at least 5000 mAh. People don't need low capacity of batt and very fast charge. We need bigger battery and normal charging (~25-40W is enough to keep battery life save for long).

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          • 06 Oct 2020

          ano-ny-mouse, 05 Oct 2020Lol, they just launched the X50 and X50 pro, are they tryin... moremore phone more chooses and more competition.
          it drives prices down don't see the downside?

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            • boboy
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            • 06 Oct 2020

            just like vivo v17 pro.. Released in October 2019, but around March 2020 in some market, they already discontinued the v17 pro to make way for vivo v19.. later just barely 3 or 4 months, vivo v20 series is official.. same like oppo Reno series, too many Reno's smartphone in the series..

              This phone was earlier certified with the Danish UL (Demko) as reported by GSM Arena. Does it mean it will be available in Denmark, other west European countries or that doesn't mean anything about availability?

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                • 05 Oct 2020

                Lol, they just launched the X50 and X50 pro, are they trying to drown us??? Its not healthy please.

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                  • X60 and NEX5
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                  • 05 Oct 2020

                  The details regarding Vivo X60 series is still very sketchy. The growing chatters among Vivo insiders on various forums are about Vivo's intention to take the lead in both smartphone photography and smartphone videography with its X60 series (December, 2020), and its next premium flagship NEX 5 (February, 2021) where Vivo's new technologies of the recent past will reach a final synthesis.

                  The battle for the future king of camera smartphone will be a three-way race among Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo, which can be collectively called Tier-1 camera phone makers. The best effort from other phone-makers will have to settle for a slot in the Tier-2. (Actually, the best effort from most other phone-makers are worse than Tier-2.)

                    Well, BBK Groups seems like to release and launch smartphones faster than the speed of light I see here, huh?

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                      • 05 Oct 2020

                      Jord V., 05 Oct 2020There is a Oppo Reno 4 right?Yeah. My country already launch the reno 4 series here. Quite expensive for what it offer.

                        Peter-B, 05 Oct 2020Right, of course, I miscounted the Reno generations.No problem 😅

                          Jord V., 05 Oct 2020There is a Oppo Reno 4 right?Right, of course, I miscounted the Reno generations.

                            The X50 series was already launched about four months ago, and yet Vivo has already prepared for its successor? This is just too fast to keep up.

                              The Reno 4 has already been released in China and last year Oppo had 3 releases in the Reno series: the Reno, Reno 2 and Reno 3. This year we already have the Reno 4, so the Reno 5 will be the second model in the series

                                There is a Oppo Reno 4 right?