Android-powered $6000 Zeiss ZX1 goes up for pre-order

05 October 2020
First announced two years ago, the nearly forgotten full-frame camera should soon be available.

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  • Anonymous

Just what we needed, an over priced camera that tries to do everything.

  • Adel

how i wish someday they will upgrade this camera with voice and video call..hahaha

  • Mk1

Absolutely over the top price real shame!

I think the trend to release an outdated tech with a beefy price tag comes from here......Like Nokia Like Zeiss

awesome two years ago. now, it is too late and too expensive. quite sad as cameras should have built-in storage, wi-fi, and smartphone operating system.

  • Anonymous

Android... Over a camera OS.... For $6000??? I take Lecia any day over this pos...

For that price you should have 8K, AI image processing, fullframe, 10+fps, 2K oled screen, at least 200.000 iso and some more. Way overpriced for what it can do.

Izzie, 05 Oct 2020It seems rather counterintuitive to me that the viewfinder ... moreThe electronic viewfinder is competing with the old optical viewfinder, so the higher the resolution and refresh rate, the more it looks like you're looking directly through the lens rather than through the sensor. It's also placed right up against the eye so it needs to have much higher pixel density to hide the fact that it is made up of pixels. The display doesn't have the burden so it can get away with being lower resolution and just 60Hz.

  • Flashash

Ewaste... Where will you dump? Not in my country pls....

  • migotka21

I don't know, for this price one could buy a second hand leica with lens in good condition, in some countries even a new leica (lower model) with lens. Shouldn't its price be lower?

One of the most useless cameras on the market.

  • Anonymous

I dont know. I believe it is going to have a nice output, but the price is a bit out of touch. Probably the only thing this stands out from the competition is that you can edit photos on the fly on your camera, but then, people who buy over 3k cameras probably are not interested in editing photos on 720p screen inside the camera with tiny buttons and touch interface. I mean leica can only charge so much because they have two types of customers - cult like spoiled rich kids and professional street photographers with over 30years of experience (coming from analog cameras). I mean with this price you get into Hasselblad mirrorless medium format territory.

  • Anonymous

Buy a smartphone a laptop a tablet and a camera instead of one expensive camera.

  • Anonymous

Reminds me of a Sinclair ZX- 8 1 I had. If only that had android too. :D

  • Aquila

Imagine this running gcam... ( Stacking etc.)

[deleted post]You're saying like it's a common thing happening every day (it's not).

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2020Costs 500$ and selling for 6000$. Zeiss you can scam the cu... moreDid you seriously just comment this, on your Apple unit? Hmm. Maybe you should think twice, before you comment stuff like that. Lol

Sane person with the same budget will pick up leica over this

  • Anonymous

Costs 500$ and selling for 6000$. Zeiss you can scam the customer on medical diagnosis tools and equipment but not here fam. I mean 64 MP A7iv cheaper than this with interchangeable lens

Nick Tagataka, 06 Oct 2020When RX1RII is available at just over $3000, I genuinely do... moreThis is unproven product RX1R2 is a great product. Sony stopped making correctionss to that fantastic time tested product. Certainly no similar cameras can worth more than that