Android-powered $6000 Zeiss ZX1 goes up for pre-order

05 October 2020
First announced two years ago, the nearly forgotten full-frame camera should soon be available.

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Just like Mobiles are becoming Digital Cameras, digital cameras are trying to become Mobiles. This I have mentioned few years back. That's the only way Camera industry could survive. They need to demonstrate excellent picture quality, unbeatable details, excellent video capabilities, and allow users to indulge in innovative options, connected cameras, very highly capable of processing high quality images instantly .....the price is insane though. Will remain mostly in show case.....

When RX1RII is available at just over $3000, I genuinely doubt anybody would be interested to buy this thing for 6 grands just because it has a touch panel, 4K recording and a built-in LR software.

  • Anonymous

Android? On a $6k camera? On any camera?

wonder if they use a flagship cpu or mid range, after the updates, mid range spec may have performance issues.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2020No matter how hot it gets it won't explode in your pan... moreYou mean samsung

  • Really.Real

Not only is there no xenon flash but they couldn't even add a single LED as a light source?

Only 4K30 video, a 720p screen and a price of a car?

Yeah no I'd rather have any Sony Nikon or even Canon over this expensive trash.

Great job Zeiss on following Apple and wasting earths valuable resources - clearly you have no respect for the planet by manufacturing this atrocity when there are countless alternatives out there that will blow your dated " innovation " out the water.

I would buy a Leica over this lol.

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 05 Oct 2020So it'll eat up all the battery in standby for no reas... moreNo matter how hot it gets it won't explode in your pants like various iPhones across the years.

  • Anonymous

Great concept. Every camera should have an OS like Android. Though I agree that an interchangeable lens camera would have been a better choice. I am not a fan of 35mm lenses.

Totally ridiculous and overrated like Leica cameras. Probably will get a robust build and will get nice pictures... but those things you can find on other mirrorless like the Sony A7III, Nikon Z7 or the Canon R5.

  • Anonymous

Hope photos do not come out fake like google and apple do ..

  • Anonymous

So 5500 of the price is the brand name

Alex, 05 Oct 2020This is hot garbage right here.Absolutely!

  • Izzie

It seems rather counterintuitive to me that the viewfinder is higher resolution than the main screen.

Camera with lightroom directly on it. Interesting.

So it'll eat up all the battery in standby for no reason and get very hot randomly...

  • Alex

This is hot garbage right here.

Wow... It's so true that Android have the best cameras in the world.