Fossil Gen 5E bring Wear OS at an even more affordable price

06 October 2020
It will come in 42mm and 44m sizes around November 3.

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  • djsonicdh

would be SD4100

Without the 4100 chip, this is definitely a poor move. This version should not be sold for any more than $125-150 range. Anything more than that is kind of fooling customers. My humble suggestion to customers is "Do not buy this!" Wait till they bring out models with the 4100 and at that price!

  • vs88

Its a JOKE. These should be sub 200, preferably 150 dollars would be instabuy.

  • Arya

afronoia, 06 Oct 2020"Some corners had to be cut to get the price down so t... morePoint to be noted 👍

"Some corners had to be cut to get the price down so there's no longer onboard GPS, compass and light sensor as well as non-rotating crowns and lowered 4GB storage"...
That's A LOT of corners just to save $50. The price should be down to max $150 without those features.

  • Anonymous

won't even consider if there is no 4000series chipset.

Why still Snapdragon 3100 chipset ??

It should be 4100 or 4100 +

Fossil still in 2019.

chris1998, 06 Oct 2020I had an option between the Huawei GT 2 and a fossil brande... moreI'm stuck between Amazfit GTR & Honor Magicwatch 2 (Huawei GT2 with different design).

I wonder is the Amazfit app any better than Huawei Health app?

  • RJK

Why still Snapdragon 3100 chipset??
It should be 4100 or 4100+

I had an option between the Huawei GT 2 and a fossil branded smart watch (probably was gonna be the Diesel smarwatch) so glad I went for the GT2 . Google Fit may be better than Huawei health when it comes to workouts but imo that's it. NFC on a Bluetooth smartwatch is pointless if your phone is essentially always in your pocket. The lack of downloading apps, I don't care, can't really see many people using tinder on their smarwatch to swipe left or right. I can answer calls thru my smarwatch and it's very clear. I'd rather sacrifice a few options that I know I wouldn't use for a equally good smartwatch with a very good battery life for a cheaper price. The only downside to Huawei smart drvices is the health app. SOO many people complained their devices didn't connect to their non Huawei smartphone ( I think it's fixed now) but yeh got my GT2 in January 2020 and very glad I did

AnisonKate, 06 Oct 2020really, this is very niceIndeed, this is nicer than nice

  • Anonymous

The current gen of snapdragon chipsets is 4100 and 4100+ Why make a NEW device with 'out of date' tech from get go. The other thing is being way over priced. If you want to look for the benchmark devices at the moment look to Amazfit GTS2/GTR2 and OppoWatch. This goes into the junk category (in good company).

HannaMuj, 06 Oct 2020Nicereally, this is very nice