Huawei committed to Honor brand, dismisses Kuo's speculations of a sale

08 October 2020
This way Honor will avoid the trade bans imposed on Huawei, but this could prove to be a rare misprediction by the analyst.

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  • 04 Nov 2020

This is what I predicted lol

I feel Honor is part of Huawei

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    • Miracle master
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    • 14 Oct 2020

    Kuo is atleast 99% accurate so something is happening, but I fear for Kuo's safety now..He should have stuck to making statements about Apple, atleast they won't send him to some forced vacation or resignation..

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      • Nmvmbb
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      • 13 Oct 2020

      Rizwan, 09 Oct 2020When will honor30 launch in India huawei u29

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        • Rizwan
        • uv0
        • 09 Oct 2020

        When will honor30 launch in India

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          • Adul Al Salami Kebab
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          • 09 Oct 2020

          This would save innocent honor from all the 5G accusations and all the other nonsense, I am quite sure most of the accusations by the US is BS but at the very least we can 100% sure say these guys are innocent. c:

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            • d%u
            • 09 Oct 2020

            "United we stand" :)

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              • XFS
              • 08 Oct 2020

              3ogdy, 08 Oct 2020The Huawei name and the word Honor can NEVER go together af... moreWhat german episode?

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                • 3ogdy
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                • 08 Oct 2020

                The Huawei name and the word Honor can NEVER go together after the German episode.

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                  • ano.ny.mouse
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                  • 08 Oct 2020

                  This could actually work in their favor (Huawei) if they do sell Honor. For every Huawei phone, there is a cheaper Honor alternative. If it can somehow, move from Huawei, it can grow into its own brand. Honor hasn't really escaped from the shadow of huawei. One way for Huawei to work around the ban is to have Honor be its own brand. Hell it can probably overtake oppo, vivo, xiaomi.

                    Dometalican, 08 Oct 2020You ownership would have been smart. What if Ho... moreThat is not gonna work, have you seen how even sony asks for US permission just to work with huawei? All of them will have to go through US if they dont want to be "justifiably(lol)" banned.

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                      • Dometalican
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                      • 08 Oct 2020

                      You ownership would have been smart. What if Honor decides to make the Kirin chips with the exact same tools and schematics provided by Huawei and then provide them to Huawei since they weren't part of the ban? That would have been a neat loophole...

                        I hope huawei doesn’t follow the fate of yahoo and perish slowly

                          This could be a smart move to make money off the brand instead of letting it perish, kinda like Huawei in mobile.

                          But again, CCP isn't that much interested in money return in a short term ... We'll see after November ;)

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                            • Your fan
                            • CbA
                            • 08 Oct 2020

                            As I know, Ming-Chi Kuo said, if Huawei separates Honor, than honer will be not banned from using US equipments. He doesn't mentioned about selling of Honor.