Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime Edition price revealed

10 October 2020
It shares its design and specs with the Galaxy M31.

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  • Anonymous

I just bought samsung m31 last week of sept ....the unit is good ..but theres somthing that i dont like about is when taking selfies the camera has a yellowish vision ..i dont know what to called that but yes its yellowish even if you are in the daylight (outdoor)..i kindda disappointed me a bit ..

Poor strategy by Sammy... They got confused and scared by looking at Chinese vendors strategy of releasing a new phone almost every week/month with similar specs..... Try to be distinctive as little as possible.... This handset should have been announced with Android-10 and with Android 11-beta which can bring in more buyers....... or atleast with different screen-size & battery size.... how about a same phone with 4000 mah batery and 4.8" inch water drop notch screen for a less price.... there is no true competitor for iphone & pixel wrt screen size... the only known phone is nokia but not many takers for it.....

shan, 11 Oct 2020M31, M31 Prime, F41 what is difference between these devices?Do your curiosity comparison on GSMarena. That is why that function exists.

Short answer, all three are almost identical. If you live in India then you buy the M31 or the M31 Prime (India only market). Everyone else can opt for F41.

  • Anonymous

worst part is that not only are the specs the same as m31, m31s and f41, even similar to previous m21, but also the phone ships with android 10, so why would anyone choose to buy it?
if they only put android 11, maybe, just maybe they can have a shot at differentiating

  • Sunit

shan, 11 Oct 2020M31, M31 Prime, F41 what is difference between these devices?Name only

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2020Samsung expect India market alone is enough for M31, there ... moreit is sold here in uae, a middle eastern country except for the fact no one actually buys them. Most sold are huaweis and apple in here.

  • shan

M31, M31 Prime, F41 what is difference between these devices?

  • Anonymous

Almost all manufacturers These days spamming the market expect Apple.

  • Anonymous

MrDung, 10 Oct 2020Name of the phone reminds me of the legendary Galaxy J2 Pri... moreJ7 prime

  • AnonD-804996

When in doubt, just spam product models and flood the market with them. Samsung has so many nonsensically named models and series it's insane. Only worse is probably Realme.

I think no one is waiting for Samsung mobile with Exynos processor in India.

Xiaomi and Samsung has opted the strategy of
- Same phone Different names on Flipkart and Amazon each.

For cosumers it's not important but the only thing that bothers me is -
- samsung should get rid of 9611 and bring upgraded chip with better gpu
- Xiaomi should get rid of ads in its OS and bring new models with Amoled

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2020Seems Samsung made a lots and lots of M31 phones initially,... moreSamsung expect India market alone is enough for M31, there sell M31 in another few Asia markets, clearly is not enough for economy of scale, unlike China who can sustain on local markets as there population are generally earning much higher income than India.

Samsung should have launch M31 as a global model instead, India might have a large population but bear in mind there are generally poor & earning very low incomes, so most of them would buy a cheap China phone like Redmi or Realme.

  • Anonymous

Ohh myy my😂😂😂. So Sammy is ready to competing with its own devices. F41 launched with exact same specs n same price.

  • Anonymous

Seems Samsung made a lots and lots of M31 phones initially, which weren't shipped as per their expectations. After M31, they had M31s and then recently F41 (which is nothing but M31 with some tweaks), and now this.

They are dumping huge stock of M31 in India so that it can be cleared.

  • Anonymous

Another monthly rectangle.

  • AnonD-948658

Let me guess, Exynos 9611?

  • CCNN

The main highlight in this phone is Exynos 9611.

  • Anonymous

Look at the photo. Prime app isn't even optimised for the screen size xD. Awkward product.

Why not a year of subscription since you can find too many phones at that price that are better compared to it.