Limited edition OnePlus Nord with sandstone back coming alongside 8T

12 October 2020
This would be the first device since the OnePlus 5T to come with a sandstone back.

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Though this all doesn't matter much, there are so many other phones out there available at the same price(or even cheaper and better, like the poco X3) that are better than this.

My guess will be that they will replace the glass back and the smooth plastic frame with a textured plastic back(sandstone, just the the OnePlus 2) and matte black frame(respectively). And to compensate for the cheaper materials, they will keep the price same and sell it alongside the normal colours. But I may be wrong

  • Anonymous

pufanu, 12 Oct 2020I would have considered getting one if it had stereo speakers.That and the pitiful vibration motor.

I have to get an 8T since the Nord will lack this stuff.

I would have considered getting one if it had stereo speakers.

  • Gaurav

great from oneplus...oneplus nord would have been a stellar in this price if it had a telephoto lend alongside..