Apple iPhone 12 rumors: what was right and what we missed

16 October 2020
In the past Appleā€™s new phones have been kept well under wraps, but this year we knew more than ever before.

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Whatever the leaks, I hope there will be more "mini" devices across android next year.

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Duck of death, 16 Oct 2020You underestimated how maniacally greedy Apple is, as they ... moreThey don't provide a USB A to lightning cable, which means those chargers "everyone already has" are unusable, unless you buy a new cable or charger. Blind people see it as a move in favour of the environment xD.

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MagicMonkeyBoy, 16 Oct 2020I am reading Twitter and Facebook comments as well as GSMar... moreI'm seeing many many comments of people excited about the 12 mini in news and articles. I understand that there are people who likes phones with the biggest screen possible, but there are also people who don't like huge phones. Maybe they only have big phones because they had almost no choice... until now. And I hope android manufactures follow this trend and start offering compact versions of their flagship devices.

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jamalu96, 16 Oct 2020What about the display panel? There were leaks showing 120... morethis aint samsung or xiaomi to have 120hz

This is year of mobile manufacturers put 5G n higher refresh rate on their phone. But apple? 60hz hurts my eyes these days. At least take n give. U did not include power adapter which kinda important for a phone, but give consumers 90hz screen at least.

You underestimated how maniacally greedy Apple is, as they both removed core accessories and raised the base price.

Just keep justifying to yourselves this is for the environment and not Apple's offshore accounts. RDF is bliss.

Except that the U.S. prices paraded by Apple isn't actually correct. They had a lot folks over there fooled with those prices.

The iPhone 12 mini actually starts at $729 for T-mobile (and Sprint) subscribers, and those who intend to buy it network unlocked. The paraded $699 is a special offer for Verizon and AT&T subscribers. Lol

I am reading Twitter and Facebook comments as well as GSMarena comments.

I have never seen so many disappointed potential customers.

However one thing I have noticed is that many are turning towards Android. A popular choice seems to be the Oneplus 8T.

Not being funny... But Oxygen will not doubt be a breath of fresh air for a previous iOS user.

I know that many former Apple fans are just going to really like there Android devices. And prefer Android to iOS and there hardware.

Still cannot fathom why on earth Apple never gave customers a high refresh rate... You don't buy an expensive smartphone with a high refresh rate. It's 2020...

And I saw pubg on a 12 pro max. The most depressing part of the 12 series... IPhone cannot game... 60fps 60hz.... (Utterly appauling...)

What about the display panel?
There were leaks showing 120Hz and 10bit support for Pro models.

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Refres rate and atleast 20% better performance instead of 5% or less

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Apple changed from Intel modem back to Qualcomm.. quite seamlessly. Hardly anyone noticed the major change of cellphone chipset. In 2 years , they may have their own cellular chipset