We now have 3D models of the iPhone 12 family in all colors - check them out

16 October 2020
Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro start today, these 3D models can help you pick out your favorite color.

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  • gam30to

Anonymous, 18 Oct 20205g can not be a selling point since almost every phone manu... morealmost every phone manufacturer had 5G phones for 2 years now? never heard of 5G nor there was any network of it 2 years ago. i wouldn't go there if i were you. In case you don't know Apple yet. they are not always the first to do things but they do a good job pushing it to the mass. So please don't go there with the 5G's been around for many years when honestly who's been using 5G for the past 2 years?

  • Anonymous

A7sii, 18 Oct 2020Right that being your Opinion...to the rest of us these are... moreWho are "the rest of us"?

  • Anonymous

JDK, 18 Oct 2020Apple gives LAB tests that are designed to mimmick real-wor... more5g can not be a selling point since almost every phone manufacturer has had it for at least 2 years now. From their keynote it's visible that 5g is supposed to be their selling point.

Do you have the iphones to give real numbers then? Are you working for a company that test them or something?

Typical apple boy will give his all to protect a brand known for antenna problems from the past to present.

Buy the charger.

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020It's not real 5g because it can not deliver on the spe... moreApple gives LAB tests that are designed to mimmick real-world usage.

You say that apple doesn't use "real 5G" cause the speeds were calculated in the lab?

And you claim that iPhones can only reach 4G speeds with 5G. But where did you get that info from? That's right. You don't have iPhones yet, how do you know about their network speeds?

Typical fanbois like you will always rank the apple you loath at the absolutely lowest expectations. And do that without any proof whatsoever.

  • A7sii

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020There is no other phone as beautiful the iPhone! Right that being your Opinion...to the rest of us these are just horrendously ugly

  • Anonymous

Amazing renders! The iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro both have the same huge and as ugly a notches as the cheaper iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini but surprisingly, because of the darker, more transparent wallpaper of the more expensive models, it's as if the cheaper models look a lot more ugly with a lot bigger unsightly notches when there really isn't much difference appearance-wise. This clear manipulation of wallpapers by Apple is clear signal Apple wants users to shell out more money for the expensive models because their renders look less ugly with less visible notch.

  • Fireview

Kingslayer, 17 Oct 2020This year isn't the kind of the year to upgrade consid... moreNo idea about sneakers, but for a high-end phone money you can buy a really good guitar or a bass that will last you decades.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 17 Oct 2020Just waiting for Apple finally enter foldable. I also think... more*$779

I don't think apple wants to let go of the notch until they develop a good under display solution. They probably see it as a replacement of the home button, a physical attribute that makes their phones stand out from the rest.

  • Anonymous

Mir, 17 Oct 2020Hi GSMArena, The 3d model not working in my Opera browser.... moreIt seems you are using Adblock in Opera mobile. Opera blocks the 3D images if you use adblock. Please disable it and refresh the page, it will surely work on Opera mobile as well.

  • Anonymous

JDK, 18 Oct 2020"no real 5G" and "5G not available in most p... moreIt's not real 5g because it can not deliver on the speeds. Even on the keynote they gave estimates from LAB tests which show unrealistic 5g speeds.

5g mm Wave expected speed is 1.8 Gbit/s.
At best iphone will achieve 100-400 Mbit/s.

Having the same phone for 5-6 year woow like aren't people ready to buy iphone every year are they poor or something? Why not have the latest and greatest every year? Make apple some cash!

All I can say is you took their bate really good. So there you go apple will win some money, which actually go to Samsung, China and Sony for producing the most important parts of the phone.

Buy the charger.

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020There are only a few places you can get 5g service in the w... more"no real 5G" and "5G not available in most parts of the world" are 2 different things.

"no real 5G" is implying apple is implementing fake 5G which it isn't.

5G not available in most parts of the world is the carrier's problem.

Anyways, 5G is gonna be important during the 2021 times.

Some people I know keep their iPhone as long as they can until something really makes them upgrade. So, they hold onto their iPhone for 5-6 years, which is about the software update window.

By then, 5G will be integral.

Future-proofing might not be important to people who always buy the latest and greatest, but it is to many people.

  • Anonymous

JDK, 17 Oct 2020"no REAL 5G" They say that they DON'T use... moreThere are only a few places you can get 5g service in the world. The point I was trying to make is that 5g shouldn't be a selling point when you can't really get the benefit of it because you can not be sitting near the Athena to get reception. On top of that the speeds that they show are LAB testing so real world results are not going to be even close. When someone comes and repeats that a phone is going to have 5g I would assume that it is going to have 5g not "you will be switching from 5g to 4g depending on usage". Like why do you repeat 5g more than 40 time and than have to additionally explain that "oh well it doesn't actually work that good and it is power hungry and it is mostly unavailable.

But hey if you are a die hard apple fanboy who is obviously NOT seeing the bigger picture the marketing strategies to get people to buy something that they don't really need just to boost their egos and make the appearance of "high status".

The only thing I do admire they for now tho is that they can make all the stupid people give them all the money they got no matter what. You'll give them your money even if they start selling paperclips. So yeah I wish for them to get to $4 billion for selling the same phone 4 years in a row. Which is pure genius move 140 IQ play for them. So dont hesitate go and buy.

Ps. Don't forget to buy the battery charger.

Wow thanks to this 3d models they all look differant and the design is a massive upgrade to the iphoneX

  • Spl4tt

Is this charging port bigger than the last one? Oo

  • PiCosm

sixtymes, 17 Oct 2020Had Steve Jobs not passed away, I am certain this version i... moreYou are correct. Tim Cook is not a product guy. He just tweaks the products each year, and thinks of way to make more money out of Apple's blind followers. Example, the new Magsafe system. Clever for attaching phone to car mount, but save £50 on a MgSafe charger and buy a £15 angled wireless charging dock off Amazon (like the 5 we have here at home around the house) and your phone will naturally line up with the charging coil(s).

  • Hal

Sammy, 16 Oct 2020Can't decide between the black, blue and white for the... more#metoo

This year isn't the kind of the year to upgrade considering most of the world couldn't work. I would rather collect Air Jordans. They can last for years. At least the ones without polyurethane that crumble (II-VI, VIII, IX).

Most shoes can be worn for decades. Just find a cobbler to glue them back on. While most gadgets really are planned obsolescence. We have to keep buying a new one every few years because how slow the UI experience got.

Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 just doesn't look enticing to upgrade even if say your current phone is 2-3 years old.

  • Mir

Hi GSMArena,
The 3d model not working in my Opera browser.
My current version is

  • Anonymous

sixtymes, 17 Oct 2020Had Steve Jobs not passed away, I am certain this version i... moreI agree how hard can it be. Just look how far ZTE has come with their tech and they really are not comparable to a giant lika apple

Had Steve Jobs not passed away, I am certain this version iphone would not have notches. Steve would have found a way to rid them way before anyone else. He would have pushed r&d to develop, and not wait another year or two like everyone else.