Sony Xperia 1 II in new Mirror Lake Green color is headed to Taiwan with more RAM

16 October 2020
50% more memory for you if you pick green over black or purple.

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Green is a nice color, thanks Sony for this option as well. This may be Taiwan exclusive, but if people will buy this color, Sony might release the 1 III with green color too.


I need black colour set

  • jack

Just wanted to say here Sony's 21:9 ratio makes the phone too long ; it becomes pathetic.
Really clumsy where to put that 17 cm length , it blocks often in clothing and in the hand it is out of balance for good (and i have big hands).
At the same time typing in portrait mode (yes i still do that now and then) is a pain ; the screen is extremely narrow! How dumb.

because the RAM is greener on the other side

  • ClavierPixelKey

Now if only they released a dark blue colour option for the Xperia 1 II that is similar to my Galaxy S9 (Coral Blue) or the Xperia XZ (Forest Blue) or Xperia XZ2, or hello, the Xperia 5 II (Dark Blue)…? It would look stunningly elegant and even a little dragonesque! Right now, I have to see if it's possible to make the phone blue by adding a blue leather skin to the phone or something…

zeferino, 17 Oct 2020Its a pity that such a fantastic brand stays to one form fa... morewhy should they get in the fold? there are people, myself included, that do not fall for gimmickry like curved screens with useless, image deforming edges that are yet reported as part of the screen diagonal size, pinholes, tear drops and stuff that harm the images integrity, excessive rounded corners that munch out of the images surface, etc, all together these "edge to edge, bezel-less screens" that, because of the elements previously mentioned actually are providing less uninterrupted, really useful display surfaces like xperia does. fashion, because here we are talking about passing fashion, is good as long as it provides, at least, a modicum of usefulness.

and, anyhow, if sony decided to invest in extra fabrication and go with an offer for an additional colour means, by default, that the sales are running strong. so, don't worry, it seems they do not need to "acknowledge in the market place"

  • pan

i never thought sony wants "rarer" phones...
xperia 1ii black, white and purple are already rare...
matte black is rarer... and now this? rarerer?

zeferino, 17 Oct 2020Its a pity that such a fantastic brand stays to one form fa... moreAnd be what? Be like EVERY other GENERIC smartphones that you can see everywhere?
At least for Sony, they would rather keep the small slices of forehead and chin for superior-sounding dual front-facing stereo speakers, as well as keeping the main screen to be free of any ugly camera cutout, rather than eliminating every possible bits of corners and having an unnecessary curved screen just to satisfy the needs in "aesthetics" without considering the needs in "practicality."

Good for you to enjoy those practices from other generic brands, but Sony is clearly aiming at a different, specifically "more practical" approach, and also to give people a different set of choices from the sea of identical-looking phones out there. Just so you know, there are still people like me who likes to have some bezels but a completely uninterrupted main display and still use the good old 3.5mm jack.
Their weak sales absolutely don't have anything to do with how their smartphones look or what they are; that's already on their marketing team who should improve them, and they can easily fix that if they include the Xperias as part of the marketing that they're campaigning for all Sony Electronics devices. In fact, in some regions where the Xperia 1 II is being sold officially, the stocks went out quickly the first time it went on sale, which indicates that there are still a lot of people that are interested in their phones, as those sales even exceeded their expected number of sales in one month perhaps, and that's already without doing any major marketing on their products just yet. If they did, they could've easily sold more than 10 times as much as they managed without it. Meanwhile, Ssmsung and Apple have seen decline in sales this year for some reason. The S20 Ultra even failed to meet Samsung's expected number of sales. I know you'll say that it's still much more than how many units Sony has sold in the last 5 years, but that's not even worth comparing, as it's just absolutely expected from them given how much they're spending on marketing each time, while Sony wasn't as intense as they are in that regards. Also, those sales aren't truly indicative of the quality of the products overall. AMD is selling less processors than Intel, but every techie knows that Ryzen CPUs are much better overall in comparison to their Intel counterparts (price-to-performance/value-for-money). Only time will tell how much better they would get, but until Sony finally performs heavy marketing tricks like what Samsung and the popular Chinese brands are doing, then there's absolutely no way of us to tell how great they really are to every people around the world.

  • Anonymous

Actually this is a 5th color they offer besides black, frost black, purple and white

Its a pity that such a fantastic brand stays to one form factor and refusing to acknowledge in the market place. They would have succeeded if their brand was named after a certain fruit...

Love that color! 😍😍😍

Crackling Doom, 17 Oct 2020Shade, not share. I thought I was the only one on 'GSM ARENA', who corrects themselves in comment sections.

Umm, Xperia 1 II is also available in white color, right? Not just Black and Purple. Which makes it the 4th color, not 3rd.

  • mixedfish

Sony makes the best colors. See it in person, it's a level up compared to competitors they really think about luminescence and refraction not just basic color changes.

  • Anonymous

When I see phones with ugly screen hole, they remind me of this ....

S8 9.0, 17 Oct 2020these sony 21:9 displays looks so awfulBut if it's Samsung and Apple, it's beautiful and innovative, right??

  • Anonymous

S8 9.0, 17 Oct 2020these sony 21:9 displays looks so awful20:9 with part of display missing must be great I suppose.

  • Anonymous

S8 9.0, 17 Oct 2020these sony 21:9 displays looks so awfulI expect this to be the normally in the next 5 years ... just look at the Galaxy fold using 21:9 makes more sense as well from an aspect ratio

  • S8 9.0

these sony 21:9 displays looks so awful