Report: Samsung leads global smartphone sales in August, widens gap with Huawei

17 October 2020
The earlier summer months were rougher, but Samsung has bounced back. Huawei hasn't been doing very well.

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  • Anonymous

Ryo, 19 Oct 2020Your info about Germany are totally false. We have way too... moreLOL, keep ranting pal. It in your own National stat. Sure, there are super wealthy and the the gap are big in very country that has them. But how many does the Germans have? You can argue on the hidden ones, sure, but given the GDP, average consumer price, your stock exchange and high value companies assets can all add up and give hints... Sorry, just because German economy is the steady one in EU, doesn't mean the average joe is rich, or contains high percentage of middle upper class... Your below than central EU average consumer price vs what you claim German to be is already a dead give away.

  • Ryo

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020Germany rich? There's being stat on this, average asse... moreYour info about Germany are totally false.
We have way too much wealthiness as it seems. There is a gap, just like in the USA, between poor and rich, but I can tell you, what you call poor is not even on the same level that what we call poor. We say poor if you can not get the latest and greatest $60.000 car. What you call "luxury brands" is just normal here.

Bok, 18 Oct 2020Apple is #1 in the Us, UK, Japan, Australia, Austria, Canad... moreNobody cares whether they are no.1 in select countries.
What matters is that Android is no. 1 smartphone OS in the entire world.

Every year, they are winning OS of choice award.
Imagine someone winning fighter of the year or footballer of the year 10 years in a row.
It is head and shoulders above the competition in the smartphone segment.

Thanks to Trump and it may change depending on the result of the US election. Personally, I'll hold on with my ageing Mate 20 until early next year.

  • Anonymous

miguelsan, 18 Oct 2020Its funny that the user identifies huawei is losing market ... moreThat, and also people tend to ignore China's buying power as a country. Not even central EU combined can exceed China's consumer buying power due to the shear population size, which is really out of scale when China decided to 'sanction' stuff. And yet, people buys their propaganda, because well, China can just 'buy' news article/agency.

  • Anonymous

Bok, 18 Oct 2020Apple is #1 in the Us, UK, Japan, Australia, Austria, Canad... moreGermany rich? There's being stat on this, average assets owned in value by the German's are actually quite low... Lower even than Italy. German citizen actually pay their taxes, so the country, as a whole is relatively wealthy. But, the reality the people isn't loaded. Stop ranting and skew facts.

As for the French... Well, they can keep forcing German to spend money like tp for the holy grail of that EU name....

  • Bok

Android.Master, 17 Oct 2020It stayed stagnant at 12% marketshare. That tells you how ... moreApple is #1 in the Us, UK, Japan, Australia, Austria, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden... de facto Germany and France are the only riches contries where the arent #1.

It looks like Samsung and Xiaomi swallowed some of the market of Huawei. No

  • miguelsan

James , 18 Oct 2020Yes anyone can run without competitor. Cheap play to kicked... moreIts funny that the user identifies huawei is losing market share to other smartphone makers when the company is being banned and is no longer a competitor. When in reality china has been doing the same thing for many years to american companies like facebook and google

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 17 Oct 2020Yeah. Samsung phones. Made in China. Apple phones, Made in ... moreAll thing has to start at some point. Just because it difficult, it not an excuse to not to do so.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020If oneplus is 30% Samsung should be atleast 40% or 50% pro... moreDisagree. You can't take one single factor of manufacturing cost on one device (type). Samsung definitely has more expenditure on R&D, marketing, support, distribution, etc. I'm mean how easy is for a regular person to walk around and buy a Samsung phone, and send a Samsung phone for warranty or out of warranty repair? Can you say the same thing with OnePlus? These factors don't just pop out of thin air.

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 17 Oct 2020China is what it is. More capitalist than US, for now. And ... moreAhhh, another 50c army or successfully brain washed child. All country spy, period. But here's the silver lining:

While Western do it a a more loop hole, behind the scene manner, China is up in your face bully what you can do about it way.

Regardless of the real freedom / democracy (let not get there), at least YOU can sit here bashing about it, unlike China, which is a criminal offense that you can never expect a fair trial if official decide to so something about it.

Again, west at least get more source because whistle blower get more options. You really want to do that in an authoritarian country and believe a single sourced country (the government) says?


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020Love Huawei products, top quality and just cost half compar... moreHalf? Which around the world on your from?? Maybe 10 years ago, when Chinese phone vendor, like Huawei, just enter the market yet. Their entry to high valued devices were insane. But now, a lot of vendor like Huawei just selling it at the same price like Apple/Samsung regardless of cost for them. And people often fail to take distribution, marketing, support, etc in count which Huawei falls behind. Xiaomi is probably in my opinion still holding on, and I don't really take other vendors (OnePlus) in count, since their market share and reputation simply aren't at the same level.

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 17 Oct 2020I love how fAndroids (if we're playing that game) brag... moreDespite it unlikely I will ever go down the iPhone route, I have to admit your statement is correct. But unfortunately, I don't think it a easy solve for Android. As long as Google don't change the way Java stack works in Android, this forever RAM issue will persist on Android. And it not like Apple, where Google can limit their wall-garden.

HoldEm, 17 Oct 202090% iPhones are made in China. 90% Samsung phones are made ... moreWait!, no, itโ€™s India. Samsung largest mobile factory is in India. Donโ€™t forget that.

  • James

Yes anyone can run without competitor. Cheap play to kicked HUAWEI. AND TELLING U R BIGGEST SELLER. its cheap war in technology..... ๐Ÿ™

  • Tareq

Are you kidding, you're scared of just one Chinese company called Huawei. If can't do then someone definitely do. US should stop back biting.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020If the company making 5% could make 60%, they would do it. ... moreHe's not being naive, all companies can reach that 60% but obviously would lose sales. The only reason apple has kept sales is mostly bcz of it's blind fans who just want to show off

  • MrDeng

SpiritWolf, 17 Oct 2020China is what it is. More capitalist than US, for now. And ... moreThat's what Mr. XI tells you.

  • MrDeng

Hope Samsung and Apple widens the gap even further from Chinese brands. Samsung is still the market leader in any way.