Specifications of Micromax's "in" series smartphones surface

17 October 2020
They are rumored to arrive in the first week of November.

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  • Anonymous

When you made complete smartphone from its processor to it body in India that what's stand for India but you cannot is bet you there is no sense of in 👎👎👎👎

  • Anonymous

It should have include at least 4Gb RAM otherwise it will not succeed.

  • Rk

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2020Micromax is not an indian company tho... all it's phon... moreMicromax is always an Indian company

Atharv, 21 Oct 2020Gaming enthusiasts who are looking for reasonable smartphon... moreabsolutely agreed, the Micromax smartphones featuring the Helio G35 & the Helio G70 is a great news for sure

  • Atharv

Gaming enthusiasts who are looking for reasonable smartphones will definitely like the new series of phones by Micromax with Helio Gseries chipset

  • Krish

Going with MediaTek processor is a great choice and would favour the price and performance of the phones

  • Srini

I'm still using a Micromax handset from 2015...never faced any issue.
I had recommended to couple of friends who also bought Micromax handsets and using without any issues.
I normally switch off the phone at bedtime n switch on soon as Inwake up....you can also set the auto poweroff / power on timer.

honestly, the Mediatek helio g series is the best choice for Micromax to power their new smartphones in India for a comeback, they are really popular among the youth for gaming

  • Arnav Bajwa

Its nice to see Micromax making a come back and it is even better to see them make their phones affordable and reliable by integrating them with massive batteries and efficient mediatek processors.

  • Anonymous

It is good that Indian companies are now trying to become self dependent. Their advertisement had them saying we made mistakes and were removed from market by chinese companies. But i think they did not learn why they were removed. You are still selling an outdated specification device at 15k?! It would be better from a consumer point of view to then just purchase samsung, if not chinese phones for good, than spending so much on a device from 7 years ago. Micromax we all know you didnt even give proper software updates to your users. I feel personally on the hardware end you still havent learnt your lesson.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Wolverine, 18 Oct 2020Helio G35, hmm.. Mediatek is a Chinese company then it'... moreMediatek is Taiwan, if you ask anyone but the Chinese they are not China! Or as the Muricans say "Taiwan is the REAL China" but that is not important my point is not CHINA! If you look at Unisoc & HiSilicon on the other hand yes that is China! :D

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2020Micromax is not an indian company tho... all it's phon... moreThey were doing it but not now.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2020Micromax is not an indian company tho... all it's phon... moreActually they are having their phones made by Tinno(Shenzen company) mobile before, and their latest phones are supposedly made in India... That leaves two options! #1 Tinno opened a plant in India to manufacture phones or #2 Some other company has been contracted to manufacture the devices... I personally think it could be either since Micromax is not as deeply in bed with Tinno as BLU, my|phone & Wiko! Last time I checked... :S

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020It's a good step taken by micromax ( Indian Company). ... moreMicromax is not an indian company tho... all it's phones are china rebrands
I'd applaud them if they actually had an R&D rather than a guy browsing alibaba / ali express for cheap garbage to sell

  • Abhishek

Good start by the company...But if you want to stay in the market you need to be competitive! Three Chinese brands importing there devices and still giving wayyyy better specs than what Micromax phone specification are!

Why would anyone want to buy 2/3gb smartphone when you get a 6gb SD665-720 in the 15000-17000 price bracket!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020It's a good step taken by micromax ( Indian Company). ... moreAnd you are one of them who previously trolled the company too.

  • Mrinal

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020You all are children 😂 don't forget it is not easy to ... morePlease support or atleast act like support this Big comeback..our appriciation will inspire such companies to Produce up to the mark of customer Satisfaction...Thank you

  • Rog0hone

Micromax lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mani

Abass, 18 Oct 2020Micromax ...lol 🤣🤣🤣Seems anti India people came to showcase their character. I am not against/support of micromax, but doing something is good than nothing. But some people will always remain kid!

  • Anonymous

Nothing can be said right now bcz this can even be a good start for Micromax if they launch it at the right price!!