Netflix will give users in India free access for a weekend

21 October 2020
It's part of a test to expand its reach in the country, apparently.

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MODI FEKU 56 INCH, 22 Oct 2020What propaganda , what agenda??? Propaganda like the way they made your brain to use that username.

Jimmie , 23 Oct 2020I was on monthly subscription I paid 600 a month. And secon... moreStay away from two words, 'Billed Automatically'.

Silver Surfer, 23 Oct 2020Looks like ending the production of TV series/ movies that ... moreNetflix will be destroyed. They should have never gone to Bollywood. There are a lot of creative talent outside Bollywood and Netflix as an international giant has enough brand power to make original series or movies without going to Bollywood.

The current Indian Head is busy pushing propaganda shows feuding religious sentiments. Meanwhile, Netflix's brand is taking a serious hit.

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020There userbase is dropping cause of the movie Cuties and ca... moreYes that is also one of the reasons.
They did not apologize for that movie either, just apologized for the poster.
They deserve all the backlash coming towards them.
Let's vote with our wallets.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020you hold no right to be saying that, or to decide what bran... moreAnd u have no rights to dictate what he says.
He is a consumer and hence he has the right to criticise the company and their content

  • Silver Surfer

Looks like ending the production of TV series/ movies that are disguised Hinduphobic propanganda and not publishing Youtube videos of fake news peddlers & agendists like Dhruv Rathee, ...are methods that never crossed their minds to increase growth.
Well, you sow what you reap.

  • Jimmie

I was on monthly subscription I paid 600 a month. And second 600 was deducted automatically. I just used it for the first time and I paid first month to see how Netflix really is best. But unfortunately I couldn't watch much movies but second month the payment was already deducted from my card which I was unaware of also I dint use it too now I seem it was a bit too much expensive 600rs a month that's a lot of money to just watch movies 🙄🙄


HD, 22 Oct 2020Netflix should take the yearly and half yearly subscription... moreYes, Many users want to take the annual subscription.

  • Mifirst

Make it 999/- for the first year and then see the result.

  • Chiranjeevi Captain

If Netflix gives 15 days free subscription then every will interested on the app and they will subscribe the netflix and if they need to subscribe mean you need to reduce payment as 400Rs/- for 1 month or 3 months for 3 devices 480p then they will be interested to subscribe and will subscribe Netflix.............

  • Ksan

I have tried for the payment option but Netflix accepts only credit card.. so I can't buy your subscription.. thank you for making me feel useless for not having credit card!!

  • HD

Netflix should take the yearly and half yearly subscription plans then it may reach the big hit.

  • Raj

Netflix should provide 4k plan with 4 screens for ₹4K p.a. then it will be a bit hit!!!

  • Advisor

Zink, 22 Oct 2020Generally people of india are attracted towards price rathe... moreIss 200rs Very Expensive...Please Use Sense...They Just Want Everything Free

  • Vicky

There should be upi payment option..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020There userbase is dropping cause of the movie Cuties and ca... moreSo True.

  • Zink

Generally people of india are attracted towards price rather than the quality of material because they somehow get from any other platform like telegram at free of cost and that's the only issue. If Netflix will provide low cost plan then surely they will succeed.. because it's very hard to make indians pay.....

  • Arun

1. Netflix should change their attitude. Its too costly.. and too much restriction on users
2. If Netflix want to capture India Market.. They must go maximum 1500 bucks p.a.. for maximum 2 users or option of 1080p instead of 720p.

else it is difficult to run in Indian market.

  • Anonymous

MANI, 22 Oct 2020the netflix price should be decrese like for one month rent... moreLol learn how to spell and 200 is not a lot for a month that is minimum wage in india

  • Krishnasinh vasadiya

When it will free??
Which weekend it is going to free??