Huawei unveils FreeBuds Studio, Porsche Design Watch GT 2 and more 

22 October 2020
There are also glasses with built-in speakers.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2020You.... you know Apple had their Beats Studios way before t... moreOh sorry i didn't know that but Huawei's intention was quite clear,to copy the name before Apple naming it to Airpods Studio(their real Flagship lineup).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020The name "STUDIO" though 😂.Tell me Huawei it was ... moreYou.... you know Apple had their Beats Studios way before this right...?

Who cares. If it ain't got google pay in not interested.

SamsungRules, 22 Oct 2020Ugly, ugly, ugly ,ugly, ugly. Nextwhy? feel hurt when your Samsung can't produce pretty accessories like Huawei?

Any good headphones can do 4Hz bass or -40dB with anc, point is how loud without distortion and on which frequency is - 40dB.
Simple graph of frequency response and noise cancelation would say 1000x more.

  • Anonymous

Reminds me of Swatch Irony watchws by design.

  • Being Neutral

Even at this stage this company wants to innovate unlike some trillion dollars company who made money from customers still don't wish to innovate for them. Irony.
Wholeheartedly wish u Huawei big success.. n please beat those all ruling companies who r looting us for years.

  • Anonymous

The name "STUDIO" though 😂.Tell me Huawei it was not like,"we will name our Headphones STUDIO before Apple does".Now Apple is in dilemma 😂.

  • neo

I like the glasses. I would like to try them, and the watch its beautiful. Not ugly at all like others suggest

  • Anonymous

Those FreeBuds Studio may be the best ANC headphones now. I'm very interested in getting a pair.

Ugly, ugly, ugly ,ugly, ugly. Next