Huawei unveils Petal Maps, Docs and adds more Petal Search functionality

22 October 2020
All coming soon on the App Gallery.

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  • Minya

Encryption and Huawei does not fit in same story...

  • Anonymous

Izy, 05 Nov 2020Is Petal really the next Google.. Pfft.. To be honest.. I&#... moreSame opinion spending a lot of money on this mobile and being restricted to use the apps I need....

  • Anonymous

Hi, I'm from south africa, will huawei docs be available for huawei p smart 2018?

  • Anonymous

Izy, 05 Nov 2020Is Petal really the next Google.. Pfft.. To be honest.. I&#... moreSome banking apps require it for Google services mostly to make use of push notifications. VMOS is an easy way around it.
I also use Bluestacks on my computer for the banking apps.

Gmail is the most annoying, it ties to your device with the more strict security settings.

  • Izy

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Petal is next GoogleIs Petal really the next Google.. Pfft.. To be honest.. I'm really regretting this P40 Pro what a waste of money.. If I could throw it against a wall right now I would.. I was a Google Scout and banking apps are on Google Play Store.. How is Petal gona live up to that. It doesn't even have Voice.. Or does it.. I'm ever sorry about trusting that they would live up to Google.. Seriously if they don't step up.. They should recall all their P40 pros and give us a choice to choose what this expensive contract is paying for because at the moment it feels like a landline

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020I am not buying Huawei with Harmony OSI am SO buying Huawei with Harmony OS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020I USA govt doesn't trust Huawei why should IBecause you should try to use your head instead of blindly following what's been served?

  • Anonymous

Sathya, 24 Oct 2020Simple think gpay is not working ... I will not go through ... morePetal is next Google

  • Anonymous

I USA govt doesn't trust Huawei why should I

  • Hsn

Huawei is not backing up, there are no u turns for them

  • Sathya

Simple think gpay is not working ... I will not go through honor or huawei

  • rdx

visual search­čś▒­čś▒thats amazing...
love huawei and its innovative approach

Mr.Truth, 23 Oct 2020No Google Services is perfect for anybody that is livimg or... moreWhich is a description that doesn't fit the majority of users. But you don't need to live in the US or "support" the US to need GMS. That's extremely short-sighted.

YUKI93, 23 Oct 2020Android without GMS is useless? would like to ... moreAh yes, another custom ROM that only appeals to devs that already have a ton of alternatives on XDA.
Just because you can do it doesn't mean it's practical or useful. You can only use apps that don't rely on GMS, which means "nothing the normal user wants", and let me remind you that the normal user is the overwhelming majority of users.
So yes, it's useless as a commercial OS.

Mampara, 22 Oct 2020Totally agree with you. Google, WhatsApp and Facebook track... morelets stop the americans spy more blah blah huawei are almost completely owned by the chinese military and no one from the west is allowed to buy shares, its wrong

  • Muhamashi

Huawei is trying hard to make up for lost ground, and I wish them all the best. I hope they focus on the end user experience more than just the quantity of apps or features. One area I think they can improve is with their pricing of flagship phones, especially given their current situation. I think it's in their best interest to lower the barrier of entry for their best phones as much as possible, and the price of the ne Mate phones is not helping. Still, if they can fully embrace their niche and really hammer home the experience like Apple does, they may have shot in the next 3-6 years. Providing that they are consistent in their efforts of course.

RobinArc, 22 Oct 2020Huawei looks promising about their own OS, app development ... moreAs a current daily-driving Windows Phone user, I'm actually really interested in trying out Huawei's Mobile Services package. I definitely have no problem living without Google Mobile Services since I have my backup Android phone at home running custom ROM with microG and F-Droid, so that is not a problem for me.

P-CHM, 22 Oct 2020Android without GMS is useless. Except in China.Android without GMS is useless? would like to have a word with you about their /e/ OS.

Tanase Adrian, 22 Oct 20201.cause there is no bigger spy for your devices than usa(mi... moreTotally agree with you. As soon as we're connected to the internet we have been already exposed. I wonder what people do with their phone, creating some master mind plan or nuclear weapons or something? When we visit any site or use any app even use our device we are agreed to the term and conditions that the service will collect user data, it they need to give better relevant ads and user experience also diagnose system's behavior. I hate to see dirty politics have their eyes on technology sector too. I'm not interested into politics but is there anyone can show me some proof with good evidence that China did something harm to the end users by using their data outside of their country?Like normal users fallen into misery by the CCP for using their devices that collect data? Don't tell me USA companies like Google, Amazon, Apple doesn't collect user data they are angels.

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 22 Oct 2020MS had more mature, proven and recognized solutions with a ... morehuawei has 1.5 billions chineae backup for the start they dont care about google services never uaed them