Flashback: Huawei Mate 9 series upgraded the Leica camera, partnered with Porsche Design

25 October 2020
The Mate 9 Pro had an OLED display with curved sides - a blessing and a curse. The vanilla model had a larger display, but it was a flat LCD.

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  • Hamid reza

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  • Nothing

I'm looking for a flagship phones with metal or aluminum unibody design just like this one with the current market screen to body ratio. Unfortunately can't find one. I hate this all glass phone, can't use without case due to fingerprints everywhere.

  • Gargamel

My beloved Mate 9 crashed two weeks ago, just loud vibration and never turned back on. I'm using a backup Galaxy A70 but I am still grieving for my trusty Huawei Mate 9. I loved that phone. Lasted a solid 3.5 years. Actually considering buying a used Mate 10 on Amazon now.

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020Because of the curve screen duhMate 40 screen is much more curved and like I said you can't do much to distinguish the front

  • Anonymous

It's with a heavy heart that I'll have to retire my mate 9 soon. Good old fashioned phone with not many compromises. Now though it's hanging randomly, there's a bunch of dead pixels on the display, and it is showing a yellow cast near the edge of the screen too. If it was better supported in software I would probably put up with all this for another year though. Glad it's being appreciated here.

  • Anonymous

Writing this on my mate 9, daily driver since 2017. I just love this phone, still holds it like the first day. Not gonna buy new one until this one dies.
Only problem so far is mild screen burning after long periods of displaying still images... Anyway after a while it goes away

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020True. Mate 10 almost had it all, big 16:9 screen, great con... moreThat's why I'm keeping an eye and ear out for Razer next year. A 16:9 ratio 2K@120Hz display, IP67+, expanded memory, 5G, giant battery (hopefully), global bands (hopefully), front-facing stereo speakers, cera with OIS and easy GCam integration, and solid performance with cooling.

As you can tell, I REALLY want them to come back. They're the only gaming phones with hardware the others don't have.

  • Anonymous

My Mate 9 was a very good phone. Slow on the GPU-side, but the little amount of on-the-go gaming I did back then, was... Well, it could be done. Battery life was great, the fast charging blew me away the first time I used it. Phone took good pictures.

  • Anonymous

Rdmkr, 25 Oct 2020Mate 9 and 10 (non-pro versions) were the best phones in th... moreTrue. Mate 10 almost had it all, big 16:9 screen, great contrast and very bright and accurate colors for an IPS, good battery, processor, dual speakers, expandable memory, IR blaster, NFC, 3.5mm hi Res audio headphone jack, OIS on camera, notification LED, UFS memory, fast 22.5W charging, front fingerprint scanner, small bezels.

All that in 2017., 3 years back. Even had possibility to connect to a screen via HDMI.

Would like my next phone to be in 16:9 ratio.

  • Anon3

I use P30, now but the camera is what drove me to this model, not anymore as they did a system upgrade that completely ruined the camera. I hope they are looking into fixing this as there are many unhappy customers, me included

  • Rdmkr

Mate 9 and 10 (non-pro versions) were the best phones in the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio; still my favorite ratio. A part of me thinks that nothing that came after these ever quite measured up to them, although it would have been nice to have OLED versions.

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 25 Oct 2020Just because it has pill cut out? By that logic every phone... moreBecause of the curve screen duh

  • FF17

This is the phone size that I love. Like the Samsung Note 5 and Iphones, wider body.
Unlike most of the phones now, elongated rectangle. =)

Right Now , 25 Oct 2020its technology still moving forward. (right?) What?

  • Anonymous

The Mate 9 looked like an S7 Edge

Mike9625, 25 Oct 2020Still a rip off from the s10 +Just because it has pill cut out? By that logic every phone is a copy of one another, there isn't much you can do differentiate from the front you know

  • Fatpat

The mate 9 porsche design is a very nice phone, I love it but:
Bought July 2017.
Broken display repaired @ Feb 2018.
Screen burn @ Dec 2018.
After many emails and callings with the service center till Feb 2019, they told me, there's no new display available for my phone worldwide.
That's very bad support for a 1250€ phone.
This was my first and last Huawei phone, next will be a Samsung again.

  • Right Now

LG Superfan, 25 Oct 20202016 Mate 9 Pro an ugly S7 edge rip off now fast forward 4 ... moreits technology still moving forward.

I still maintain that a Black & White (B&W) aka Monochrome sensor is still more useful than a depth sensor. Just look at Nokia 9 PureView - the details it can produce in RAW format just beggars belief.

  • Dometalican

Actually, what made the vanilla stand out was that it was also on the 16:9 ratio. Compare that 5.9" to even a 6.5" 18:9 ratio phone and you'd be surprised to see the 5.9" phone with a nicer view.

I was looking at the vanilla's specs and it's depressing that we don't see that much hardware on today's phones. The Mate 40 vanilla is close (triple cam, 90Hz refresh rate, stereo speakers, headphone jack) but no OIS is a tough sell at $1,000.