Microsoft’s Surface Duo now starts at $1,199

23 October 2020
That's $200 off the launch price.

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Duck of death, 23 Oct 2020Early adopters should consider lobbying for the possibility... moreI don't see why, influencers are doing their job, which is to sell you stuff under the false pretence they're "normal" consumers when they are paid by brands. It's no secret, nor anything new and original at this point.

  • Anonymous

It's a toy for those with money to throw around, it doesn't replace a phone (too big) or a tablet (too limited) - they're trying something new, which is fine, but commercially this is bound to be a disaster just like Samsung's foldable screens.

  • Annas

Like Samsungs , now this...its clear how it is
After you buy a Samsung or Microsoft, the next day your device value is almost nothing

I Don't know how much people gonna buy this even with 50% discount!!! 🤭🤭🤭

SSnorlax, 23 Oct 2020Early adopters muts be happy having paid 1400 USD and find ... moreEarly adopters should consider lobbying for the possibility to sue dishonest influencers, selling them subpar products with hyperbole and half truths.
Back in the days of printed and "local" media, publishers were held accountable for what they said. These days it's the wild west where you can't trust anything you hear or see.

It's was never meant to be a consumer efficient product, too much hiked nonsense, Luxury pricing for a nonsense specs sheet.
What can you expect from these kinda product.
The only good thing is the idea behind the multitasking user interface for a dual screen smartphones.

Why they put Google on tge search box instead of Bing?
Ah I see, Google monopoli

Early adopters muts be happy having paid 1400 USD and find questionable build quality and a discount a month later.