Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to keep 108MP main and 40MP selfie cameras, claims leaker

26 October 2020
Renders have shown that the new Ultra will have an extra camera module. Also, it will be the only one of the S21 series to have a curved screen.

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  • hmm

It's weird that they can set a 40mp selfie camera but rear cameras need to have some insane large pump on the back side. Why cant they just make the phone a bit thicker just so the rear side be flat for the cameras. That would make space for bigger battery too.

It's just weird stupid that one is making the pump on the back and everyone is doing it, then same with everything. Like we the customers really want these options like large pump on the rear, notch or hole in the screen and bigger screen that makes the phone a tablet and have nothing in the market left that dont have any of these things left.

  • Anonymous

Saffron, 26 Oct 2020Earliers leaks said midrange exynos 1080 is faster than sna... moreMaybe they meant the 875

  • Saffron

Earliers leaks said midrange exynos 1080 is faster than snapdragon 865+... But what happend with this one

  • The 144hz is a rumor

Android.Master, 26 Oct 2020The 144hz is a rumor for sure. Samsung might finally give ... moreThe 144hz is a rumor for sure.
Samsung might finally give 120hz at qhd+ resolution.

The 108mp sensor should get an upgrade in the form of hm2 sensor with better autofocus capabilities.

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Chinese companies are the forefront of massive Intellectual... moreMost of his content is about china so i guess he should thank them for YouTube money

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Chinese companies are the forefront of massive Intellectual... moreI laughed when the guy in the video you linked started saying "..see an exact copy, where the ports in the same place, the colors are exactly in the same, the camera location.." When one is so desperate that he/she feels the need for complaining about the placement of the charging port (which is pretty much the only port you can find on mobile phones nowadays) being the same across different brands, one really should stay away from the smartphone industry, or tech in general. He also didn't say a single word on how iPhone 11 Pro's camera bump effectively a slightly shifted version of the one on Mate 20 Pro, but yeah I guess he probably didn't want to talk about that.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Chinese companies are the forefront of massive Intellectual... moreThat’s how developing countries develop. The US did so with Britain while they were developing. They develop by mimicking already developed countries. (Also I would appreciate if people used CPC instead of CCP. ) but now, China has basically become developed, with less than 1% of its population in poverty, 5G infrastructure, and a developed Belt and Road Initiative. Their companies now are in fact the epicenter of innovation.

What was needed more to make Exynos ? This bad processor is useless which contributes to wasting n drained the battery. Which is more than the Snapdragon processor battery charge. I should give Samsung Exynos bad

notafanboy, 26 Oct 2020Can someone tell me why isn't Samsung using their 50 m... moreI suspect Samsung is allowing their Imaging Sensor (and OLED Display) division to grow to about 50% of marketshare. Their smartphones already have great cameras, they probably don't care about them being the absolute best around. Also, Chinese OEMs become beta testers, and Samsung saved a few billions.
Samsung could improve algorithms, processing and lens elements, on their phone, to improve imaging further.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Chinese manufacturers are at the forefront of innovation. ... moreChinese companies are the forefront of massive Intellectual Property theft, for decades now. In categories like: cars, mobile technology, military equipment, software, and many more.
They pay as less as possible in R&D (cause of the IP theft) and spend these billions of $$$ they would have spend, in other categories of their companies... with close support of the CCP.
Western and east Asian companies (Korean, Japanese, Taiwan, etc.) & governments are finally waking up after years of hibernation.
Most of "their" innovation is based stolen IP, that took others years of R&D.

Here is an example of Huawei:

  • Anonymous

Dorsefrith, 26 Oct 2020My design is 100% better just 2 clicks in paint. https://... moreEwwwww...

My design is 100% better just 2 clicks in paint.
@Samsung I am open to job offers

So again Snapdragon for USA and South Korea and inferior Exynos for the rest of the planet? Well those who already experienced Exynos battery performance and overheating will never again buy phone with Exynos. Snapdragon is like having a Ferrari and Exynos is like having a Dacia for a same price.

  • Anonymous

The new Samsung's just seem boring now, nothing new. I saw supposed renders based on information that the S21 lineup is going to be a bit more square and flat edges like the new iPhones but who knows. Exynos is definitely a no no. Completely gone off it with my experience from the S20 series. Samsung need to up their game.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Chinese companies are basically beta testers. i would do th... moreChinese manufacturers are at the forefront of innovation.
Samsung is innovating as well, albeit less compared to 5-10 years back.
Last spot among brand manufacturers for innovation belongs to the company manufacturing iGarbage.

Aldwin123, 26 Oct 2020What I know is that Exynos 2100 is the Exynos 1000. And the... moreMakes sense

  • Rocky

Why should I pay 1500$, when there is no difference between 1500$ & 200$? Design wise..

  • Ali

I personally check the 108mp camera of s20 ultra and note 20 ultra,it is souch stupid result,only make the people fool,
12mp camera is best for photos and video shoot, don't go on these markiting camers,64:48 etc all are only makiting grimic

IpsDisplay, 26 Oct 2020So basically Samsung has no faith in it's own techno... moreNo. They are bigger than Xiaomi, and it means when they fail big time they will lose a lot more.

And it is not that they don't trust their technology. It is pure business. Samsung's Camera sensor, Display and etc are outside Samsung's Mobile division decision. They don't have to be the first on to use something they made. Overall business...,

  • Aerni68

I hope that Samsung does not repeat all the mistakes of this year. The Exynos Processor is absolutely disappointing with regards to efficiency. The camera setup produces blurred pictures when looking at 100% mode. Then there is the stupid nona-cell binning, which makes no real use of the 108 MP resolution. 12 MP resolution in 4:3 format or 9,4 MP in 16:9 format is ridiculous in current times! And the 108 MP mode produces aquarelle pictures with absurd file sizes, which is again nonsense. Finally the auto-focus is a kind of lottery, where most of the photos - taken in auto-mode - have the wrong focus on objects and can directly be deleted. So the year 2020 for Samsung devices can simply be forgotten. I hope that Samsung produces more suitable devices in 2021!