Samsung Germany offers up to 200€ off via Samsung Pay rebate when you buy a flagship

29 October 2020
The amount of the rebate will depend on the flagship you choose.

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  • HA559

Once again we see here another overpriced device being put on what is effectively a sale price, and even then it is still too expensive. The profit margins on these devices are so huge. Even if sold for half price they're making decent money per sale.

  • IlyaSh

But Samsung Pay is not supported by banks in Germany. You'll not be able to use it after rebate.

  • Carol

WoW!! Nope, was just joking.

Whelp, that's a deal we'll never see in Ireland.
Samsung promised us Samsung Pay about half a decade ago. Still no sign of it anywhere.

  • nikojas

I bought a Samsung that was offered with 100 euro rebate in Spain. It took one and a half YEARS to finally get the money, only after I emailed the UK CEO! Never again, not worth the stress and frustration. Give me the discount upfront or forget it.

Instead of paying €1500, you pay €1300 ... I'm so tempted.