Hot take: OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100

31 October 2020
OnePlus is entering into uncharted territory with the new Nords but is it ready?

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Anonymous, 02 Nov 2020They will never truly compete until they have: Water resis... morei say yes to water resistance and oled, but most people do not use wireless charging

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They will never truly compete until they have:
Water resistance
OLED screen
wireless charging

at the very least.

Do oneplus really think they're different from other chinese brands? I mean why would they price an oppo with higher jdnsjxksnmsdnd

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"OnePlus seeming feels that its name will be enough to offset that disadvantage."

No it doesn't. And also why it slowly going down the drain like many others. The OnePlus that build it fanbase are gone, if OnePlus keep hoping rely on it name image, which are already thin to begin with, it will eventually dry out. It time for OnePlus to look long and hard to where it should position itself, improve product where it matters and diverse it finance portfolios. Keep rolling out sub-par device at high price at short period ain't going to cut it. It just creating more overlapping of its own product line.

The two Nord phones in the US just look bad.

  • Bunheng

never catch up with modern technology

  • Spaat

N10 come to Indonesia?

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Anonymous, 01 Nov 2020My neighbor bought OnePlus 8 Pro. It is an amazing phone an... moreyou just described every flagship phone with that logic lol

GSM Boy, 01 Nov 2020I dont think self cannabilism would be the case here as the... moreFirst
Now Poco and redmi brands are just names given to same phones that sell on two major online portals of Flipkart (poco) and Amazon (Redmi). It's not cannibalism, it's just smart marketing to sell same product at two different platforms.
Regarding one plus processors
Not even one out of ten layman will be able to tell the difference between chipsets ranges. To them It's all about is it good enough for me or not? And answer is mostly yes. As except 8 pro all one plus flagships have average camera.
If one would just observe teh no of ratings and discounts on online platforms they can easily judge how a certain model is performing in sales.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 01 Nov 2020Living in the US, I agree with the author. When I saw the N... moreThe fact that these phones have headphone jack, a lack of the high refresh rates, pretty much means these aren't really Oneplus phones, just phones with Oneplus name slapped on. Problem is... I see no reason why to do this, BBK already have other brands in these markets why bother tarnish the good name of Oneplus and Oxygen OS with these phones. Because sure as hell Oxygen OS is not going to run so well with these bad processors.

Jasper5774, 01 Nov 2020Real reason these models may not be launching in india is b... moreI dont think self cannabilism would be the case here as they don't have any other mid-rangers that I could think of that was released in direct competition with their models, Nord (SD765), Nord N10( SD 690) , N100 (SD460). They are just already aware that these phones N10 and N100 are crappy as hell. Selling this to India , wherein Xiaomi subrands are the benchmark of specs to price ratio would be plain business suicide. Even Op fanboys are keeping their distance. - IF you want to talk about self-cannibalism, the perfect example would be Poco and Redmi phone , they have at least 2-3 models that has the same soc -, price range , with similar specs, but it did not stop them from selling their phones like hot cake.

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My neighbor bought OnePlus 8 Pro. It is an amazing phone and rocket fast. Screen and battery life are great too. Yes it is expensive but brilliant phone. Go for it guys or wait for OnePlus 9.

I'm a budget phone buyer from the US. I was desperate for the N10 release, basically already in the bag for anything bigger than the Pixel 4a to be released under $400 with an OLED screen. Now I have to reconsider :( If the phone is a battery champ I MAY still be interested but I think your article nailed it: just a huge miss for something that would have been chalk. So sad that they had to completely redefine their brand strategy the year I'm looking for an upgrade :(

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Already settled,,, forget it 👎

GSM Boy, 01 Nov 2020"But, funnily enough, the N100 and the N10 5G aren... moreReal reason these models may not be launching in india is because of self cannibalism.
The purchase pattern in india is driven by Value for money proposition. Many (especially online buyers) by under the influence of what value they are getting at particular price range.
When one plus launched Nord many 8 series buyers quickly shifted to it because as there wasn't any unique selling point in 8 series compared to Nord. It was sufficiently fast and had okish camera.
If they make a mistake of launching of these models in sub 250-200$ category it will kill Nord too.
And they will lose their image of a budget premium brand. Which will be biggest loss on their behalf.

Woody Toystory, 31 Oct 2020My brother had the OnePlus 5, for the money it was OK. Ima... moreI bought one plus 5, 6T, 7, 7 Pro and now has shifted to iphone for primary and samsung for secondary.
Leaving one plus is the trend that many followed in 2020.

One of the biggest issue that one plus will have in future is bloatware and Software support.

They were already in talks with Facebook but that deal did not worked out. Now thay updated Amazon app in their OS.
It's just a start and slowly more such apps will be integrated into the OS.
Hydrogen OS is also running away from stock android with each new updates.

  • Dometalican

Living in the US, I agree with the author. When I saw the N10 5G, I thought it was a perfect mid-ranger in the US. All we have here are cheap Motorola mid-rangers (despite how good the One 5G is, it's only available carrier-locked), Nokia mid-rangers that are over-priced for no reason, TCL (maybe 2021, they'll give us some decent devices), and Samsung mid-rangers (which are kind of pricey but almost the best mid-rangers the US has to offer).

N10 5G is great for those who don't care about performance; just uber clean software, smooth display, good battery, good coverage (fingers crossed for all 4G/5G bands), and decent camera (hoping for GCam). It seriously helps OnePlus that the headphone jack and microSD cards are back alongside stereo speakers.

"But, funnily enough, the N100 and the N10 5G aren't going to India. It could be because that's where sister companies have strong positions in the entry level market, but that didn't stop the European launch. So perhaps OnePlus just wants to maintain its image of a premium maker in that particular market."
-Yes, its a real good idea as this would be slaughtered by Poco and redmi phones. And they don't want to have any bad comparison with their phones. Its a good thing that their co-founder already left the company as he already knows this is where OP goes down from here

  • Amit kumar

So these phones can have the headphone jack but not the higher end ones, why?