Weekly poll: will the OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 fly or die?

01 November 2020
The company is venturing into the mid-range and entry-level segments for the first time - do you think it has lost its way or that it's on a great path?

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hayashi, 01 Nov 2020IMO Nord N10 is decent considering it still has 30W fast ch... moreMore to the point, only one phone so far that has the Snapdragon 690 chipset alongside the Nord N10 5G, which is the LG K92 5G. So the Nord N10 5G and the K92 5G is a potent match at the moment.

  • PSxUchiha

Naray Tomassi, 02 Nov 2020Xiaomi ads ads and more ads... why bother then ?Gotta say that if you are into rooting and flashing custom ROMs, then Xiaomi phones do have the best open source support imo.

  • opaw

compak phone ples

  • Anonymous

Naray Tomassi, 02 Nov 2020Xiaomi ads ads and more ads... why bother then ?If you are smart, you can disable all ads from MIUI. If not, don't bother buying a xiaomi phone. Buy a used iphone.

  • 3.5MM JACK

N10 has a 3.5mm jack, cool

  • Naray Tomassi

Raky, 01 Nov 2020While i was talking about this "better"options I ... moreXiaomi ads ads and more ads... why bother then ?

  • Paul

GaushikTECH Nerd, 01 Nov 2020No one is interested in OnePlus based on the poll (*_*)Well, the proposed answers are weird. If I wanted 8T or 8 pro or if I prefered to wait for the 9, or even try the 7T as a budget option, I would have to vote "I'm not interested in OnePlus".

Gsmarena - make your app finally right, it sucks big time, every time there's a poll - it doesn't work on your app

So Oneplus is now relaunching its sister company's phone just with their brand name lol.... If you look at the specs and design, its all Realme phone..... So the strategy is going to be that Launch same phone but for India and other ountries the brand name will be Realme and for Europe etc will be OnePlus.
Only the UI difference will be there.

OnePlus Nord 10 is meh, still kinda decent. But N100 is pretty much a crappy budget phone for the price.

  • Anonymous

OnePlus should never opt for anything lower than the highest SD600-family. It will just create overlapping of its own product line and pricing embarrassment.

YUKI93, 01 Nov 2020The reason why I always like OnePlus is that it is a worthy... moreI agree with all what you said. I would be interested in buying a OnePlus device if it had a premium chip along with a headphone jack and sd card.

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With OnePlus' updates and stuff I'm on my last OnePlus

IMO Nord N10 is decent considering it still has 30W fast charging, a 90Hz refresh rate, stereo speakers, 4K video and an ultrawide camera. Also, a microSD card slot on a OnePlus phone(!)

Nord N100 on the other hand is just another budget phone overshadowed by Moto E and Samsung A series.

Lightning2.0, 01 Nov 2020You and majority of pollsters. The only device that somewha... moreThe X and original Nord. I actually would have bought a OnePlus One, but the invite system made that pretty much impossible until the phone was no longer compelling.

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2020The Nord N10 will cannibalise the Nord sales given that the... moreIt won't because it's worse in pretty much every way. This is just their way to milk the USA market without under cutting their OP8 series. The N10 will be way cheaper than $350 if it releases in any other markets.

Vic4BBM, 01 Nov 2020Call it One plus OR Realme OR OPPO OR Vivo, it's all s... moreThe OG Nord itself is a rebrand of the Reno 3 Pro and Reno 4 phones. But it was a good rebrand providing good value. These other Nords are hot garbage.

Whackcar, 01 Nov 2020These phones are gonna be flops, and rightfully so. Hopeful... moreI'm not sure how OP thought releasing this as the USA Nord was a good idea.

It's pretty much all bad here. The play on the US market to hold back the original Nord, but bring the similarly priced heavily cut back N10 is offensive. Combine this with the changes to Oxygen OS 11 and I'm turned all the way off to OnePlus. Just a few months ago I thought they were going to be the next best thing.

Ali Othman, 01 Nov 2020so the oneplus nord N10 5g is a realme 6 with different pro... moreTotally agree with this one