Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 might be getting an S Pen, patent reveals

30 October 2020
The S Pen will sit in the bottom right side of the unfolded device, similar to the Galaxy Note devices.

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It will be calle Z Note and the Note series will be dead from now onwards.

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020Spen? Won't it scratch the plastic screen? That is a very good question.
The plastic screens i have used with a stylus ended up looking more like a lunar landscape than a device screen.
I've seen advertised that this or that screen had e.g. a "hard coating"
In my experience the screen has got to be made out of glass for this to work.
Corning glass Willow is bendable, but not to extent of the present Galaxy Fold.

Pakalini, 30 Oct 20203.5mm jack with SABRE DAC please.That depends on how thick the Z Fold3 would be. But then again, Samsung always follow Apple's footstep so don't expect any hope for that.

3.5mm jack with SABRE DAC please.

after using note series since past 5 years, I would happily switch to fold3 if it comes with s pen. that would be a great use of fold device.

  • LordJader

Just release it and don't update the OS

The best foldable is about to get even better.

The biggest issue is they use half thickness for camera sensors (as opposed to what huawei got) without bringing alternative tech to get it on par with non-foldable phones, which is way bigger issue than not having a pen or even bendable screen.
Surface duo style or even phablet but with the best ever cameras would be next gen, not this...
you dont want downgrade, what also not having a jack is now.

  • Anonymous

Microsoft swift

  • Anonymous

Spen? Won't it scratch the plastic screen?

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 30 Oct 2020Apple has Dolby \o/Which no one is gonna use.

The new Note :)

In the future, you won't be able to tell the difference between a paper notebook and a cell phone.

  • Anonymous

Samsung's first attempt of trying to kill the Note line.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 30 Oct 2020I'll be waiting to see if this is real. If Samsung wil... moreI'd like to see s pen experience. Hold it tightly and draw a pic on your tablet. Change colors for your pic. Then you'll get what you want. Don't try. Use it.

Apple has Dolby \o/

  • Brad

The artist forgot to draw the crease

I'll be waiting to see if this is real. If Samsung will still keep using that glastic screen, I definitely would love to try its S Pen experience.