Motorola Moto G 5G pops-up online, running a Snapdragon 750G 5G chipset

31 October 2020
An alleged live photo of the phone has also surfaced.

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Launching date India

  • AnonD-955101

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2020Calling all jeans maker, time to upgrade your pocket to cat... moreWith wireless charging pad and Bluetooth shutter button, and one outlet behind for wired charging­čśé

  • Anonymous

Calling all jeans maker, time to upgrade your pocket to cater large phones. Lol. Have a dual layer pocket inside. One for phone the other for regular pocket.

AnonD-955101, 02 Nov 2020What? Can you repeat please? I've got a better idea, learn to read, here is some help for you :

You might also consider becoming a better and less egoistic person, but you must first learn to communicate.
Then we'll teach you how you aren't the center of the universe and how other peoples aren't less important than you.
And then why preventing someone from having something while it doesn't do anything negative to anyone is a bad thing.
Then we might get over how to not be a mean individual, but it might be too difficult for you.

  • AnonD-955101

Demongornot, 02 Nov 2020I don't see what is hard to understand here, but that&... moreWhat?
Can you repeat please?

AnonD-955101, 02 Nov 2020What? I don't see what is hard to understand here, but that's the main reason you are so annoying, you can't get a simple fact.

I am not overreacting, you are the one over interpreting sentences here.
It is obvious the meaning is :
"You have nothing to win or to loose fighting against this"
"We have literally to not win and loose the only chance at having it"

I never said this is wrong to be against phone without front facing camera, you can be against whatever you want, but there is a HUGE difference between keeping it to yourself and being part of the reason that, something that will not do anything negative to you if it existed and will not give you anything if it doesn't exist, isn't available for those who want it.

So your "fairness" argument is totally wrong when you are actively preventing something many peoples want while almost all available products have what you want.

We have to make efforts to have a shot at getting our tastes heard by the smartphone industry, and you, there is literally nothing that force you to make those comments which are ruining what many peoples want.

Because regardless if you like it or not, there ARE MANY peoples who want phone without constant dedicated front facing camera, it is a common request often seen on many websites.
Even in this poll isn't just few peoples that voted for this, this is the biggest percentage that voted for this :
And using a wireless camera to replace the constant front facing camera isn't far fetch either there is already a concept phone about that :

But this is still a long way ahead before enough diversity is reached so that, other than not having a front camera, there are enough features variety for peoples to choose from, and there is not a single valid or justified reason to be opposed to ANY user request about a tech that is desired and not available.
That's why I ONLY talk against popular and invasive tech, and by invasive I mean that are not something you can just "ignore", that have negative effect or that cost a lot, and, that are excessively available in the market at the point of killing other designs/features.
Which perfectly describe underdisplay camera, punch holes, notches and curved edge display.
On the opposite side, a 3.5mm Jack doesn't do harm to anyone, you can perfectly ignore it, it doesn't do anything negative to the phone, it cost next to nothing and is seriously a poor idea and a huge anti-consumer thing to remove.

Again, I am not just "a guy obsess with no front camera", I am a guy fighting for DIVERSITY, which INCLUDE front without front facing camera, and there are not a single valid reason to be opposed to that, and there are actually all the reasons in the world to NOT be opposed to that.

Because basically what you are doing is exactly the same thing as talking against the inclusion of a colorblind mode in a software/game, there is not a single reason for you to be opposed to that and yet there are many who do want it.

  • AnonD-955101

Demongornot, 01 Nov 2020In term of finding their device, yes, they do. Easy for ... moreWhat?

AnonD-955101, 01 Nov 2020all those who want it does have everything to loose? You a... moreIn term of finding their device, yes, they do.

Easy for you to say when basically all phone HAVE a front facing camera.
You still can't understand that what would be "fair" would be if those liking and those not liking front camera had option to choose from, but this isn't the case, and because of the BS of peoples like you, this won't happen.
And this is particularly egoistic and egocentric when we know there is absolutely NOT A SINGLE REASONS nor NOT A SINGLE JUSTIFICATION for you to fight against this, is isn't as if phones without front facing camera are threatening your beloved phone with front facing camera or anything.

So from one side, you have a guy who want something which is totally possible, rare, and have enough other peoples that want it too to make it possible.
From the other side, there is a guy who have nothing to do with it but is too self centered to just STFU and lets others get what their want without trying to ruin it because he was once offended.

Tell me again how this is fair ?

Sounds great but, I like my phones to be truly unlocked, Motorola seems to have different versions of the same phone for different carriers, the 5G Motorola phone I was about to buy is unlocked but not yet compatible with ATT's 5G service unless you buy the ATT Motorola phone, makes no sense to me.

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lonch date

  • harry

yay this phones sounds great

  • Dr.Giftson

Whether built-in Alexa is present or not? In G5.
Whether voice commands responds even in lock position. (Wake up and dial).

  • samurra

What we need is a 6.3 inch zero bezel with 5000 mAh with a snapdragon 750 and 6/128 gig not some huge piece of stuff we cant put in a jeans pocket.

  • Rohan

Snapdragon is to low it should be 855/865

  • Anonymous

Bruh, stop it already with all these big phones, your lineup already is full of big monstrosities already.

  • Anonymous

Rand, 01 Nov 2020yes a headphone jack is a must!Price

  • 4RedPanda

GM1 is a bruh tier sensor, unless they implement google camera as their basic camera app.

  • Ageorgia

Nice one

  • Rand

Anders, 31 Oct 2020Good to see that it will have micro SD support. Hopefully a... moreyes a headphone jack is a must!

  • Magnaroader

What are you guys smoking? This device has been available in the Middle East, Africa and many Asian countries for months...?