vivo V20 SE makes its way to India, starting at INR 20,990

02 November 2020
Sales begin tomorrow across all major online and offline retailers.

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  • Anonymous

GSM Boy, 02 Nov 2020Im not sure what the people in Vivo was smoking to have the... moreZ series was online and this is targeted towards retail market, hence expensive and useless

  • Darshan

Realme has released narzo 20A @ 8500 with SD665, same as Vivo SE,only difference is oled screen & cameras ,Vivo doesn't deserve that price it must between 15k

Im not sure what the people in Vivo was smoking to have them put a sd665 for a $285 phone. They've put the cheapest midtier soc with mediocre GPU, with the lowest battery capacity for a 2020 phone, while their 2019 Z5 was an sd712 with a 4500 mah , similar camera setup but with a cheaper price tag. I guess that the company really need to pull some weight just to compensate for the lost time because of the pandemic, but this is just plain robbery if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]They are buying Samsung with exynos 9611 at this price

  • Flo

What is the name of the sensor because this 48 mpx is not good at all? Image quality is too darker. In Europe vivo v20 se= y70 ~280 euros...

  • Anonymous

What happens a lot in India (most places really) is that the floor workers in brick and mortar phone shops are paid additional bonuses / commissions to sell these kinds of low quality + high price tag phones to non tech savvy customers. Most of these workers, not all, are even willing to lie (happened to many of my family members who had impulse buys with phones) to net a small monthly bonus.

There was massive push for garbage Touchwiz Exynos Samsung phones in the past, there still is some Samsung bias, but now the majority of stores are pushing BBK trash for the past 5~10 years.

These garbage companies need to have a brain to understand that they just need to make a nice phone with a good price tag and offer solid warranty services and the phones will sell themselves. Instead of allocating a huge chunk of funds for marketing and underhanded tactics to fool customers into buying junk.

The 48+8+2+2 combo. Again!

  • Anonymous

suddenly Samsung Galaxy M51 is looking value for money

Another day and yet another junk phone from BBK with name VIVO on it.

have added SE at the end to fool people in believing to connection with iPhone SE.
And people would rush to buy this 'affordable' phone with 'tons' of features compared to any premium brand.

That's the strategy ( as mentioned above) used by OPPO VIVO sellers when a buyer goes to buy a phone.

Chitti- The Robot, 02 Nov 2020SD 665 for 21k? Lol. But sadly, lot of non savvy customer... moreI could not wait for the Vivo defenders to fill out the comments section, telling how good the camera, how long the battery life is.. They actually pay people even in FB , just to troll other brands. They spend a big part of their profit margin, just on advertisement and on social media

[deleted post]Amen to that, but as long as there are people who are easily convinced by movie stars or influencers this is the perfect phone. haha

SD 665 for 21k? Lol.
But sadly, lot of non savvy customers will buy this via offline stores.