Realme celebrates 50 million users by sending us on a trip down memory lane

02 November 2020
The brand first launched its Realme 1 smartphone in May of 2018 and has been the fastest-growing smartphone player worldwide since.

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  • 2ManyLies

Yeah, we belive that story...sure, BBK company is big, so...some 20's children can enter there and make what they want. The same kind od story as OnePlus, but then BBK step over.

marketing at their best...Realme is only a desperate brand move from BBK to catch some Xiaomi/Redmi users...but well, they never did.

AnonD-763241, 02 Nov 2020No one can beat your world record!!!!also in releasing 20 p... moreXiaomi, I use the Redmi Note 9 Pro, then I hear of the Note 9, Note 9s, Note 9S, then maybe we will have a Note 9 Ultra, Note 9 Ultra Max, Note 9X, Note 9 X Pro, Note 9 Z Super Zoom (108 MP), Note 9A, Note 9C, Note 9 5G, Note 9 Racing, Note 9T, and Note 9 Prime. The difference in the pricing will be $20 methinks!

  • Kang Parkir

Glad I'm not one of them

  • AnonD-763241

No one can beat your world record!!!!also in releasing 20 phones per year