Huawei's Mate 40 Pro tops AnTuTu's October flagship charts, Xiaomi rules the mid-range

03 November 2020
Until Qualcomm comes around with the Snapdragon 875, the Kirin 9000 reigns.

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  • EstherTakumi

drinu84, 05 Nov 2020Can someone explain to me how a Snapdragon 865 manages to g... moreIt china version with no GMS, it preload with whatever oem want it there. So the score will vary a lot for China version.

  • uhh

drinu84, 05 Nov 2020Can someone explain to me how a Snapdragon 865 manages to g... moreBasically those 865s that are in the IQOO and mi 10 Ultra are over clocked versions like the 865+ by Xiaomi and Vivo themselves thats why for example the mi 10 Ultra has the highest GPU score in all variants of the 865 including the 865+ which has an already over clocked GPU and CPU.

  • Anonymous

drinu84, 05 Nov 2020Can someone explain to me how a Snapdragon 865 manages to g... moreIt basically depends on the UI that the device uses, because it can improve or not the performance. But, if you look to olders processors, you will see that 855+ beats the 855. So there's something different with this new generation, I don't know what is going on, but it's very strange.

Can someone explain to me how a Snapdragon 865 manages to get a much better score than an 865 plus?
This thing always baffles me as I expect to buy the "Plus" version of the chip to be faster than the normal one!

Not to bad. I've been getting by with a Snapdragon 845 in the LG v40 modded with the ROG Phone 1 2.96GHz clock mod. It scores around 370,000 with the CPU at 120,000 and the GPU with a good 160,000. Both are great scores but, the NAND-3D flash isn't top notch. Also the storage is UFS 2.1 with the USB-c /HDMI out/Slimport is only USB 2.0. Its the same as the LG v20. Sounds really bad but, its not. The phone is great. Especially a brand new, fully unlocked one for $250. I also just acquired the LG v50 which has a super dense Vapor Chamber. So, overclocking the SD855 into a 855+ and pushing the Adreno 640 GPU to 825MHz should be just fine. Also got one $250. How can anyone hate on LG. LG keeps the 3.5mm 2Vrms headphone jack with a ESS SABRE 32bit qDAC and has the MIL-STD 810G transit drop rating. And from experience, it holds up. I've dropped the LG v40 numerous times rightxon flat concrete and all it did was bounce. So, gotta love that. My next phone is still up in the air. Maybe i should just stick with LG. At least there making a small comeback.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020wow what joke huawei cheat in bechmark 😂Apple does this too, except snapdragon and kirin chipsets has more full proof on how their latest chipsets work and performs (I've seen a live huawei mate 40 pro runs paired with snapdragon powered phones they almost match you wont notice it) and even they cheat on it a little its still real world performance that they showcase in terms of ram management gaming for long hours (2-3 hours in my case) and handling battery with day to day task, A14 and exynos on the other hand, well unless your are satisfied with these chipsets that throttles 15 to 20 minutes then thats fine to me.

  • Anonymous

As long as i see snapdragon and kirin chipsets on top followed by mediatek I'm satisfied, everything else is irrelevant.

No, if u look at the gpu and cpu scores on antutu the 865+ will always score higher. The reason some 865 phones score higher is because of other thing like the ram and ui scores that add up to the final score.

Excellent. Would we expect an even better performance following some software updates?

  • WhyTho

How come SD865 Plus scores lower than the slower SD865?

  • Emm

Kirin 985 is better than dimensity 820. Huawei's 5g modem supports nsa/sa architecture and is therefore, future proof. It's not always about benchmarks. Huawei's modems are far too powerful than snapdragon or mtk. That's why it has better CA (4G+) implementation.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020And this is why u should use Geekbench instead of this unsa... moreThey topped Geekbench in multi-core and came in behind A14 in single-core. Anyway, Antutu benchmarks the whole phone including storage speeds. It is a more comprehensive benchmark.

  • Anonymous

And this is why u should use Geekbench instead of this unsafe website.

[deleted post]For the same reason OnePlus phones run slower than their xiaomi counterparts, bad software, kernel configs, scheduling, governors. Just because two phones use the same processor doesn't mean they're gonna perform exactly the same. That's the problem on Android.

Edit to the article:

It should be dimensity 820, not Kirin 820.

  • Tom117

It is somewhat odd, i mean they advertise that they are just a smidget faster then a $599 phone, just saying...

  • Csetyono

Not surprising as Huawei has always aimed to be the top dog in smartphones. 36 months guaranteed upgrade period. Two years international warranty. Can't beat that.

The AnTuTu application itself had been kicked out from Play Store.

Fine it tops the chart. But snapdragon 875 is about to enter in market. So should beat that

  • Anonymous

Wonder why qualcomm has left out the overclock posibility for the last 2 years? Or is it the developer comunity not interested/not knowing/no point in doing so wifh the modules?