Google testing SMS scheduling on Messages app

05 November 2020
The new feature is currently available to a limited number of users.

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  • muster

And Nokia phones around 10 years ago had it.

  • Anonymous

EK, 06 Nov 2020Wishes Google's stock Phone (dialer) can have Call Rec... moreGoogle stock dialer app already has the call recording function. they are slowly rolling it out to all devices. using it on my mi a2 lite. works perfect

  • EK

Wishes Google's stock Phone (dialer) can have Call Recording (capability). And a Dual Tabs on Phone and Messages APKs when 2 sims are inserted, as option.

About God damn time!!! Companies like Google always 5 years behind. I've been using Do It Later for years

Kinda slow to the party. Xiaomi and other oems had this feature way back. Google lags behind just like with the screen recording feature.

  • Manjula

Very strong app

  • Anonymous

nobodys using this and google is trying to force it on most of the phone manifacturers like xiaomi. they removed they super cool mi messaging app most likely because google paid them to. and nobody was happy they replaced it with this crap

I use SMS Organizer by Microsoft. Apart from features Google can't even think off, It also has this text scheduling feature.

  • Helani

Demongornot, 05 Nov 2020Textra and Mood SMS (at least, before it started not workin... moreThat is why Google is not providing RCS support API for 3rd party messaging apps. Google does not want you to know Google is weak in technology.

  • Kiya

As I remember, Samsung One UI has it for long time...
You can choose date and time. As long as the time is not first 6 minutes, it is ok.

  • ZsP90

I might be wrong, but as far as I remember this feature was available in Samsung Note 2 in 2012? Anyway, it's not a deal breaker.

Textra and Mood SMS (at least, before it started not working for many peoples) and many other SMS apps had this feature (and many others Google still don't know they exist) like a bazillion year ago, that's why I often prefer third party apps.
This is also why all the peoples complaining about "no GMS" on Huawei is super cringy when Google stuff aren't the best and there are tons of better alternatives.

  • Anonymous

Took you long enough, Google.