Alleged Meizu 18 Max specs sheet reveals SD875, 120W fast charging

05 November 2020
The whole thing looks like a wishful thought rather than an official render.

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  • 07 Nov 2020

Cyberchum, 07 Nov 2020Whatever it is you're on seems to have a numbing effec... moreIf you consider what I said as abnormal and is justifying for judging a person's mental state, then you have a really poor understanding of what a saine mental state is.
Switching from a debate to purely personal attacks without any kind of argumentation, is not a proper way to communicate nor an healthy behavior in any circumstances.
And I will agree if you were to say that I am mean and/or insulting on my comments, but I always give arguments and never simply only use insults, insults that I kept at an acceptable level of language and only start using when the person act in a way that justify it.
You, meanwhile, just write personal attacks as you clearly want the last word but have totally fail to argument back.
So don't insult me for the sake of your inaptitude to normally proceed to this debate, and think continuing on this behavior will give you the last word with me.

If for any reasons the moderators were to not deletes those messages and you were to insist, note that you will never have the last word with me, the only times I stop answering agressive argumentation or insulting comments is when the person have a big issue understanding or communicating and making the whole conversation more annoying and useless than anything, but appart from that, trying to have the last word with me is stepping in a world of waste of time and constant fight back.

You showed a really weak side of your person by insulting me for the only reason that you couldn't handle to have no replies and didn't agreed with what I said, and I will exploit it as long as anything else of you you'll expose if you keep trying to insist on this path, and the further this continue and the less tact I will use.
Note that I have written this message without insults or personal attacks, consider yourself warned.

And if you don't understand something, just ask, don't insult.

    AnonD-909757, 07 Nov 2020This is a childish and relevant as saying "Mirror, eve... moreWhatever it is you're on seems to have a numbing effect on your brain, man. Let it go!

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      • 07 Nov 2020

      Cyberchum, 07 Nov 2020Litany of nothingness. Nothing you said here came close to ... moreThis is a childish and relevant as saying "Mirror, everything you say goes back at you".

      I ACTUALLY know what this world mean, also there is a great deal about what the description of a world is and how the world is...Actually, used, and this is how words description and meaning...Actually take legitimacy, language evolve with how peoples use it, not the opposite.
      "Actually" obviously mean, "it is this way", "the fact is", "things are like that" and other definitive confirmative assessment of a factual base on something.

      And I guess the root of the word "Actually" is = "The actual/current reality/fact about it", which probably implied how the latest known information about the subject was to be considered as the actual truth and proper facts, which evolved into a way to assess the general status of the subject.
      But those are my etymological theory though, I haven't looked up the...Actual, history of this word.

        AnonD-909757, 06 Nov 2020Say the guy who start going abstract... On Asus Zenfone ... moreLitany of nothingness. Nothing you said here came close to disputing what I said. You typed all this for what? LMAO.

        One very important advice: You may want to go look up what "ACTUALLY" means, because it's obvious you're bereft of the knowledge of the word you're throwing about.

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          • 06 Nov 2020

          Cyberchum, 06 Nov 2020That's some litany of nothingness. You said either... moreSay the guy who start going abstract...

          On Asus Zenfone 6, 7 and 7 Pro along with Galaxy A80, there is no DEDICATED front camera, so it is indeed ditched.
          Don't start playing with words, it is obvious that I don't mean "ditch the possibility to use both (front) display and camera at the same time" but clearly mean "ditch the constantly there dedicated front facing camera".

          The Xiaomi is so impractical that many peoples wanted it despite the huge price tag that would come with such wrap around display and were really disappointed that it was cancelled multiple times, and Huawei patented their own version :

          And the Huawei Mate X and Xs are really popular while basically being the same thing but foldable (which for many is a con).

          This isn't THE solution, you peoples still haven't understood there is something called DIVERSITY, it is more than just a word, and it mean having many DIFFERENT types of things, meaning ideally there would be bezels, notches, punch holes, underdisplay camera, slider phones, pop up, flip up, secondary display, wrap around display, X and Y type of foldable, no front camera without any specific thing to make up for it, ALL in the same market with more than just 2 of each, so users that want phone style A or B have a chance at CHOOSING this among all other features.
          It isn't even A solution, it is just another phone, exactly like the LG dual display are, or the LG Wing is.

          Also, what are you even talking about ?
          A proper implementation obviously don't need both display active at the same time, and the best would be to have both an Oled and an LCD display as each have its specific characteristics and own fans, LCD being obviously less expensive, and the secondary display obviously doesn't need to have 1200000000 fps either as a good old 60 fps is enough, so regardless which one is on the front, it won't be much more expensive, I'd even argue it would be less expensive than curved edge displays and punch holes (yes, punch holes are expensive), the Poco X3 for example, you can find replacement display + tactile at less than 40$, and that's after the spare part seller made its margin on it.

          I never said it would be a massive or main market, but it would clearly be bigger than the market that is enough to justify less known brands to exist, from Energizer, Umidigi, Doogee, Blackview, Wiko, Ulephone, Oukitel, Cubot and many others brands that DO target niche audiences and exist since a while doing it, and those are only counting the Android based phones, there are tons of non android based phones that also sell well.
          If anything, foldable is even more niche than LG dual display audience, it is way more expensive, far from mature and do have actual issues at the moment.
          But tell me again how the Mi Mix Alpha that made a strong impression and if it was easy to mass product already had a lot of peoples waiting for it, is more niche than the LG Wing which had quite a good success.

          Actually it is not baseless, that's exactly why I insist on insist on it, since years, I have seen countless comments of various peoples in various websites from X or Y Smartphones articles that say they want phones without front camera, what is a bold and baseless statement is to say there are none or a small number while YOU haven't checked if indeed or not it is a popular idea.
          And it ACTUALLY is a popular idea despite all the haters like you who would love for other people's idea to never come to life.

          The Mi Mix Alpha, which probably had one of the biggest wow factor, hype level and anticipations since a while, which is easy to see with a metric ton of comments everywhere asking where to buy this phone, despite not having been marketed or released which mean that only techies that randomly heard about it know its existence, saying that it is a niche is the nonsense and bold speech.

            AnonD-909757, 06 Nov 2020Peoples like you have hard time understanding those : 1)... moreThat's some litany of nothingness.

            You said either pop-up or ditch it ENTIRELY. The Asus 6 and 7 uses flip, while the Galaxy A80 employs pop-up and flip. In both cases, the camera setups doubled as both front and rear, so it essentially wasn't ditched! The Xiaomi is largely impractical. The Vivo neo has a secondary display; is that supposed to be your solution? Introducing another battery-tugging and expensive hardware (a bigger problem, even worse in the case of the Mix Alpha) to solve something that isn't really a problem, just because you and few others have a problem with it? LMAO. Big market for them? Both devices would be niche products, at best. About the Mate and Fold; those are foldables -- talk about comparing apples to oranges.

            "There is ACTUALLY enough persons that want phone without front camera that there is a market to make out of it." That's some bold and baseless claim. If it's not baseless (which I expect you to insist on) tell us how you got that "ACTUALLY."

            If you're gonna talk a lot, speak a lot, because that's a beautiful nonsense, but it's bold. I'll give you that!

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              • 06 Nov 2020

              Cyberchum, 06 Nov 2020Or simply ditch the front camera entirely? That's some... morePeoples like you have hard time understanding those :

              1) Ditching the FRONT camera does NOT mean to have no more selfies or video call, there are quite a few phones who did it already, from the popular prototype Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha to released phones like the Vivo NEX Dual Display, Asus Zenfone 6, 7 and 7 Pro, Huawei Mate X and Xs, Samsung A80.

              2) Not everyone need or want the front camera, and there is a LOT of person who prefer fulldisplay and privacy over having a front camera, just because the majority of peoples prefer something doesn't mean it is universal, and actually, most of the time what the majority want is often stupid and/or the wrong thing and they only prefer it because it have been more marketed than other things and not because there is a logic that really make them prefer it such as "more practical".

              3) There is actually enough persons that want phone without front camera that there is a market to make out of it.

              4) Way more niche idea than that have already been made and were or are still sold, from special phones like CAT does to special privacy oriented phones like Pinephones or Librem 5 that both have their own OS.

              5) If it is marketed well enough, anything can be sold, literally, look up what the NoPhone is, yes it is cheap, but it still sell.
              The industry successfully sell phones without Jack and with a hole in the display, once you leave your sheep heard brain aside and stop thinking in term of trends, there is absolutely not a single valid justification for that, it is horrible, totally stupid and only the marketing and the fact it came from a popular company made it happen, exactly like no one wanted the notch when the Essential PH-1 was released and it only became popular because of Apple and other brand who made teardrop versions, which actually were popular not because peoples liked the notch, but because it was a less worse option than the larger earlier Apple style notch.
              If any popular brand was to make a phone without front camera and the idea spread, in a year almost no one would want a front camera anymore.

              6) The front camera only cause issues, and using any work around would actually be better, for exemple, a phone without any front camera nor flip up or secondary display on the back, but simply, sold with a case that contain a unfoldable structure that hold two mirrors which would lie totally flat against the case (as you don't need thickness on the middle of the back anyway) when folded, and once unfolded do something like this :

              7) It mean using the main camera for selfies and other video call, vlogging, etc, considering that the main camera is way better than the puny, low quality and ineffective dedicated front camera, the Asus Zenfone 7 and 7 Pro aren't topping the front camera chart score for no reasons.

              8) There is actually more arguments, and justified ones not personal opinions like "WiReLeSs BeTtEr CaUsE mE dOn'T lIkE cAbLeS", and totally valid and logic ones, for ditching the front camera and using something else like a Bluetooth one or any other work around than there is for putting a hole in a display or removing the 3.5mm Jack port that many use and a lot actually NEED (not just "want", but "need").
              And one of the biggest reason is, you don't always need the front camera, the only time you need it, a quickly available work around wouldn't be an issue, while you always need your display even sometime during calls despite it clearly being the opposite idea of a call, and those holes/notches are ALWAYS in the way.

              9) The idea is actually closer than you think, with concept phones like this :
              And quite a good percentage of peoples answering to that poll showing a real, and up scallable tendency :
              It might actually not only happen, but it could happen sooner than you think.
              Mainly with underdisplay camera pretending to be THE solution while peoples don't realize they might face a world of disappointment, mainly with the ZTE Axon 20 5G sold at a huge loss and that will use the users as beta testers, peoples won't understand what hit them when the real cost (probably multiple hundreds of dollars) will be added to devices with it, all that for no more added, pop up doing a better job, lower quality, potential issues, display image degradation, and privacy issues because of peoples forgetting the presence of it.

              The only biased thing here is someone who have all the phones with front camera in the world available that say stuff that only lower chances of something that many peoples want to happen, just because he himself wouldn't like it, or so he think as he can't think outside the box and only base its tastes on what other peoples do.

                AnonD-909757, 05 Nov 2020Look good, the edges are scary thin, it look fragile, but I... moreOr simply ditch the front camera entirely? That's some really biased suggestion. No OEM that wants to sell to the general public would ditch the front camera entirely. If you run a phone manufacturing company, you probably wouldn't entertain that thought of yours from someone on the outside.

                  wbpwns, 06 Nov 2020Where's the front camera?It's flipping camera, a la Asus Zenfone.
                  The LED flash is built into the white ring around the cameras.

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                    • 06 Nov 2020

                    [deleted post]No sign of mini Android Chinese smartphones in the near future: tipster

                    If we take smaller smartphones like the iPhone 12 mini, Apple had to heavily customize it. Right from the body, display, to the internals, and battery, they add to the cost of production more than a device that has a ubiquitous design. This is because it is simply easier to purchase the components ready-made rather than modifying it yourselves.

                    To assert this, the tipster also mentions the 5.4-inch OLED screen on iPhone 12 mini is the most expensive component of all. Even if you take the risk of doing it, the returns are weak due to less demand. Small screen phones don’t share a large percentage of the shipments. And as the tipster says, a mismatch happens with selling price and cost of production.

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                      • 06 Nov 2020

                      AnonD-955101, 05 Nov 2020So what are you saying is that apple hold a patent for a sm... morewill see...

                      none of chinese makers in near future doesn't have allow to makes compact device.
                      none of them
                      in other word, almost all makers, except Apple

                      samsung just released A41 in march 2020
                      also A40 in march 2019
                      with bad chipsets, like always!

                      the last flagship one of samsung was for febuary 2019

                      also thats why Mi 10 SE never released
                      even with being Mi 11 release close
                      but no news about SE version from pervious series, Mi 8se Mi 9se

                        Where's the front camera?

                          Its quite sad that Meizu was supposed to be what Xiaomi is right now, somewhere along the way they lost direction. 3 years ago, they were the "inexpensive- quality" mid tier go to phone , 2nd only to Xiaomi and Micromax. now, we are just lucky if they a phone that they are able to release globally.

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                            • 05 Nov 2020

                            Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020Right now, making a small phone is only in the hands of App... moreSo what are you saying is that apple hold a patent for a small footprint devices?
                            Cmon man, dont be so naive.
                            Wait maybe a couple of months and all the aggressive Chinese OEM'S will flood the market with compact phones.

                              Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020Right now, making a small phone is only in the hands of App... moreLess than 5% people care about phones with small footprints since in 2020, we are able to fit 6.5 inch screens inside the footprint of 5.5 inch phones from 2015-2016.

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                                • 05 Nov 2020

                                Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020Right now, making a small phone is only in the hands of App... moreOther do not make becaus einterest is too little, also R&D is higher than big phones.
                                Not worth time and money.

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                                  • 05 Nov 2020

                                  Waka baka, 05 Nov 2020Where's selfie camera? Oh i see it have motorized flip... moreIt would be nice, but the camera disposition make it impossible, if it is motorized it is a pop up.

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                                    • 05 Nov 2020

                                    Where's selfie camera? Oh i see it have motorized flip up module camera like asus zenfone 7 right?

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                                      • 05 Nov 2020

                                      Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020None is going to make sub 14cm phone just because Apple has... moreRight now, making a small phone is only in the hands of Apple

                                      not anyone else have this rights to make compact device.(the evidence show this very well)

                                      who looking for compact device, must go for Apple, a big reason to make users going to buy apple by force.

                                      In the meantime
                                      huawei have this rights to make one, just only one in a year
                                      P40 without Google Play

                                      but P30 still Durrable with Google play

                                        These renders or specs are still nowhere as sketchy as the Turing Cadenza from three years ago, which was supposed to launch with some interesting specs, all mostly unrealistic though