WhatsApp disappearing messages make their way to iOS

05 November 2020
The option will automatically delete your texts and media after 7 days.

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  • Carol

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020This is the most useless way of implementing this feature. ... moreI know what you mean. I use whatsapp once a mounth tops.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020why would I want that? quite the opposite, I backup weekly ... moreAnd what in the name of... are you doing with it?

kinda like snap!

  • Anonymous

why would I want that? quite the opposite, I backup weekly to cloud not to lose the history.

  • 5ko

Not even half as good as the implementation on Telegram.

"disappearing" from your device but NOT the server.

What if I just want to enable it for one message?

  • The Jedi

Aha, so copying www.Signal.org now.

after 7 days. whatsapp will show to to both side ‘disappeared messages’

[deleted post]i know telegram is great , and i know u want people used telegram

but the way u comment , sounds lame

  • Anonymous

This is the most useless way of implementing this feature. I really wish all my friends and family switches to something Telegram!

[deleted post]I like Telegram too but all my friends use WhatsApp

pesches132, 06 Nov 2020Is this facebook's way of saying "we won't r... moreJust like Snapchat told its users their posts get deleted after a certain time frame.
We all know, how that turned out 😜

Both Viber and Whatsapp are just google-related, and that's the problem... You can't transfer old messages to your new phone... Only for Android... It's not about restoring messages on huawei or iphone... So someone has to tell them to set more copying capabilities that don't just make sense on a Google drive. Because they don't always sync there in the event of a new iphone or a huawei that doesn't have the ability to sync

  • Anonymous

How can this even be classed as a feature?

Is this facebook's way of saying "we won't record your secrets forever so just let it all out" ? haha, except for cheaters I only see this as a useless gimmick.

Zalvaje, 05 Nov 2020if she will cheat ez! hahahahahahahTo Zalvaje:

I agree with you. If she forgets to delete it WhatsApp will.

  • Zalvaje

if she will cheat ez! hahahahahahah