nubia Z20 gets Android 11 beta

06 November 2020
You'll have to manually flash the update yourself though.

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AnonD-909757, 07 Nov 2020I totally agree. For the side parts, I actually prefer ind... moreWell the main attraction of vivo nex 2 and nubia x/z20 and asus zenfone 6/7 is you use the same cameras front and back. That's attractive for selfie lovers and bloggers I guess aside from the full screen front most people want. If only full screen issue, manual slider and popups are fine just reduce the chin i guess and put big battery. Oh i remember meizu pro 7 plus with small rear screen for selfies. But yeah that's almost the same concept as nubia x/z20.

Your concept model has no rear cameras? Or it's supposed to be put in the big circle panel? Too many camera sensors (even more when separated into front and rear) would be sold like a foldable phone's price lol.

The other concepts you mentioned like projecting directly into retina are even more advanced. I won't expect even samsung to do that.

Would you say nubia z20 is still a good buy in this time if they release android 11 stable for global? I'm actually thinking of buying the phone which I consider as better version of z20 in terms of battery, chipset, fullscreen, software which is asus Zenfone 7 but it's too pricey for my budget.

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    • 07 Nov 2020

    wbpwns, 07 Nov 2020I wouldn't exactly call the rear and side wrap around ... moreI totally agree.
    For the side parts, I actually prefer independent tactile, as I have demonstrated in my own fictional concept phone :
    The design wasn't meant to be final as, for example, the four body corners would be more squared like the Huawei Mate 40 or Samsung Note20 and the main display being 100% rectangle without rounded corners, it is because I originally only wanted to show off the pop up concept and nothing else so I based the body on the Samsung S20 dimensions and I got carried away at adding details, but for the rest the idea is here.
    The front display slightly pushed in, same for the side displays, for the front display it is only about protection, for the side displays it is both protection and for allowing to grab it without accidental touch.
    Though the concept is more advances than it seem as the resulting protruding edges are soft and squishy, they are made of graphene layers composite with carbon nanotubes to hold them together and a spongy material to give the soft and squishy part, so it is really hard against wear, the nanotube give it an excellent tear resistance and it cushion impacts, meaning this phone would be used without a case and will be more protected than a phone having one.

    I agree the foldable are more useful as we can use both displays at once, like the LG dual displays accessory too.
    Though I had an idea about a specific kind of dual display phone that would make sens, the front would be "normal" and without front camera, but the back would, on top of the main camera(s) and the mandatory multiple depth sensors and eye tracking camera/sensor as it would also have what we call a screenless display, more precisely a virtual retinal display, not the one made for glasses, but the one that work at "long" range, like this :
    The idea would be to have not just a secondary display replacement, but something way better that would also do that, it would allow for Tony Stark style holograms :
    Or Star Citizen's MobiGlass :
    Even though in this game it is supposed to be holographic, it would have the same result.
    You could just place your phone on a table and use your two hands to control an interface, and with a good and fast projector, it would allow for multiple pair of eyes, meaning with a simple gesture (point your eyes with your index and major then point toward the person) you could invite someone, and the person would be able to accept or decline, depending on the scanning frequency of the projector(s) you could invite more or less persons, but it could probably, for the best version, top at 5 or more peoples at once.
    And I think this is the future of portable devices before brain interface.

    Yeah, sadly there isn't any phone without a stupid compromise that could and should be avoided, the Vivo Nex 3/3s without the curved edge I would have probably bought this phone that have most of the features I want and all the realistic ones I could wish/ask for, except for the SD card but I could deal with it missing with the 256GB of memory.

      AnonD-909757, 07 Nov 2020Yeah, I know, its sad though, they were the latest to make ... moreI wouldn't exactly call the rear and side wrap around screen of mi mix alpha as useful if I am using it. For me, it's only a gimmick plus additional fragility without use. Mix alpha is like a foldable phone like huawei mate x but it's permanently folded. So yeah actual foldable phones are more useful than mix alpha.

      Nubia X/Z20 and Vivo nex dual display have rear screen that you can really use like normal front screen. What I hate about nubia is their global software is abandoned usually. Vivo nex dual display has annoying circle which engraves into top of rear screen. And the funtouch os before was too weird and ios-copy before they made recent changes.

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        • 07 Nov 2020

        wbpwns, 07 Nov 2020I agree with all BUT don't expect too much from nubia,... moreYeah, I know, its sad though, they were the latest to make such phone design as the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is more of a legend now and the Vivo Nex Dual Display is old now with his SD845.

          Sam Ironside, 07 Nov 2020Do you think it's safe for us global ROM owners to try... moreIt's risky.

            Do you think it's safe for us global ROM owners to try this 11 update?

              AnonD-909757, 06 Nov 2020Moving mechanisms aren't an issue, but I agree that th... moreI agree with all BUT don't expect too much from nubia, especially under display fps and the face unlock you mentioned. They're probably one of the more minor phone companies. They're not BBK or Huawei or Xiaomi.

              It's already sort of a miracle they gave android 11 update to z20 (it shipped out with android 9 and i think they didn't give android 10 update).

              For me, a realistic wish is just z20 sequel with 5000 mah battery and jack and upgrade 48mp to 64mp and possibly the other 2 resolution and with guaranteed updates and I'm sold on Z30 or Z21

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                • 06 Nov 2020

                SOMANY, 06 Nov 2020I like your comments on this site all of them are very ... moreThanks you 😊

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                  • 06 Nov 2020

                  The news of android 11 is a very positive step forward from Nubia for us Nubia z20 users. I hope sometime next year that us who have bought the global version of the z20 like myself who as the UK version have the opportunity to also update to android 11. Nubia China don't forget your global users.

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                    • 06 Nov 2020

                    AnonD-909757, 06 Nov 2020Moving mechanisms aren't an issue, but I agree that th... moreI like your comments on this site

                    all of them are very informative.

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                      • 06 Nov 2020

                      Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020The best implementation for front bezelless screen. Using a... moreMoving mechanisms aren't an issue, but I agree that this is a great implementation, I love this phone.

                      In fact, if they made a newer one, lets say a Z30, but with :

                      *Flat display, I mean curved edge look good on pictures, but that's their only pro, and they have so much cons.
                      *3.5mm Jack, that shouldn't have been removed in the first place.
                      *NFC, that can actually be done despite the second display and no questions that NFC is really useful, even wireless charging could be implemented through a clever trick with the capacitive tactile though I would totally accept if it don't have.
                      *A higher resolution Telephoto, 12Mp or more, 8Mp is too low.
                      Optionally :
                      *An Ultrasonic underdisplay FPS like the 3D Sonic Max.
                      *A depth sensor on the back allowing for face unlock ?
                      *Switch main sensor for the IMX686, or better an IMX689 equivalent.

                      And I buy this phone like yesterday.
                      Actually, just a flat display and the 3.5mm Jack would be the only things I would need to buy this phone, the rest I would love to but I can live without it.

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                        • 06 Nov 2020

                        The best implementation for front bezelless screen. Using adequetely big oled on the rear panel is smart move by zte instead of notch or moving mechanism for the front facing camera. Wish this method used by others too.

                          Possibility for stable Android 11 update some time in the future?